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Video: Rocko – Feels Guud

Rocko’s Gift Of Gab 2 is available now.

Previously: Rocko ft. 2 Chainz & Future – U.O.E.N.O. (Remix)

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57 Responses to “Video: Rocko – Feels Guud”

  1. Xerces Says:

    Brandon Stevens getting extorted online and offline

    Damn my nigga I hate it had to be him

    A grown man who stole food in his work’s breakroom karmas a bitch cuz yo cuz raidin yur fridge rite now

    Who ate the leftovers swag

  2. cashmere cavalli aka snowbunny sampson Says:

    Rocko da Don >>>>>>>

    Salute the homie

  3. Harlem World Says:

    Former SODMG Artist “John Boy” Puts Soulja Boy On Blast! Claims He Doesn’t Pay His Artists That’s Why Everyone Has Left The Label, Signing Chicago Artists That Have Beef With Chief Keef For Protection, Couldn’t Get His Chain Back

  4. Xerces Says:

    Brandon you better heat up them banquet TV dinners before yur cuz eat them my nig

  5. Free J Says:

    *daps jihad*

    >>>>>>>tv dinners

  6. Gob Bluth Says:

    rihanna > beyonce



    Not even close, even without the 4 head Rihanna is a strong 7, Bey is an easy 10, 9,5 if yr stingy

  7. Free J Says:



    Lol riff raff is funny even when I think he’s tryin to be serious.

    Yea Rihanna forehead looks like a pitchers mound.

  8. Gob Bluth Says:

    Can Birdman even use the Big Tymer name without Mannies consent ?

  9. Harlem World Says:

    “oh but her forehead, her forehead is too big”

    should be ashamed of yaselves

  10. AR-Clip Says:

    Last class this semester. Summer looking dope. A-1 need to holla at me so we can get this mixtape out lol

  11. Xerces Says:

    Gob Bluth
    1 min ago
    Can Birdman even use the Big Tymer name without Mannies consent ?


    Brandon’s “cousin” eats his food and uses his perfect push-up without consent so anythings possible

  12. Harlem World Says:

    beyonce is too clean

    i see why nas aint want her

    she tryna be rihanna nowadays

    prolly scared to get her weave messed up

    no fun ever

  13. b Says:

    Freej u a reverse racist u hate ur skin,grew ur hair n contacts to look more white u a clown n ya music reflects it overdose posse lmao you ain’t goinake it

  14. Harlem World Says:

    graduating from brick school > harvard

    professor scooter >>

    economist joomayne >>>

  15. no shots, like stray dogs Says:

    Jihad masking up to ether the man who made u a running joke

    Iont talk to dead people

    I did this to you.

  16. Free J Says:

    “oh but her forehead, her forehead is too big”

    should be ashamed of yaselves


    I never really cared for Rihanna except in that all of the lights video. Of course any nigga would smash but meh…

  17. AR-Clip Says:

    Rhianna >> I’ll look past her having no ass

  18. Harlem World Says:

    i preffered letoya luckett at the time

    back when kelly had the lesbo cut

    and michelle was still in church choir

  19. AR-Clip Says:

    I Bey got stank breath. That rumor been going on for a while though

  20. Xerces Says:

    No Shots, Like Stray Dogs
    0 mins ago
    Jihad masking up to ether the man who made u a running joke

    Iont talk to dead people

    I did this to you.


    You need to register for night classes

    Better yourself and “cousin”

  21. Free J Says:

    Lol niggas seen one pic with crazy contacts…find 2. One video where I did that…find 2.

    Nobody respects niggas…get over it. I don’t relate to u. Y’all make us civilized black ppl look bad.

  22. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Farrah Franklin was goat DC chick they had to move her she was takin Bs shine

  23. cashmere cavalli aka snowbunny sampson Says:

    Birdman and Slim own EVERYTHING cash money related…all them umbrella imprints too

    Sign to cash money and leave with less than what u came with

    Word to TQ, Boo & Gotti, Mikkey halsted, Gillie day Kidd, etc

  24. Free J Says:

    Sweet brown and Charles Ramsey ass niggas…I don’t relate to y’all struggle.

  25. why? Says:

    Flocka leaves and keef joins bricksquad.

    Keef > FLocka? Nah..

  26. Free J Says:

    Imagine… Niggas mad at me cuz I don’t act niggardly. Uplift ya ppl…I don’t relate to y’all so u can miss me with the righteous black ppl talk u goddamn monkey

  27. Gob Bluth Says:

    I see Soulja followin in Birdmans footsteps, he will go far in the game

  28. Free J Says:

    Bush doesn’t care about black ppl…and neither do I.

    I care about me and my ppl, that’s it. Fuck I look like being the voice of the ppl? Aka the embodiment of struggle? I don’t relate to that…

  29. Gob Bluth Says:

    lol @ the thought of Nas turning down Beyonce, the same nigga that got sonned by Kelis ?

    sure yo right

  30. Harlem World Says:


    beyonce got finer as she got older

    but at the time i was on letoya as the finest

    latavia the least finest

    kelly and farrah somewhere in the middle

  31. Free J Says:

    Nas music>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> his life decisions.

  32. Gob Bluth Says:

    Nas music>>>>>



  33. Harlem World Says:

    @ gob

    he turned her down mayne

    she was in the you owe me video

    shakin her ass, wavin her pom poms for nasir

    ask ginuwine

  34. Free J Says:

    @GB – lol smh…normally I agree with u but nosign the nas slander lol

  35. AR-Clip Says:

    Free J

    Bush doesn’t care about black ppl…and neither do I.

    Free j you cool and about nosign this kinda thinking my dude.
    You ain’t gotta be on no struggle type shit, but you ain’t gotta think you better than the next black man.
    I see you kinda relate to the people you’re around and they seem mostly white, but we as people gotta stick together my nigga.

  36. Harlem World Says:

    kelis was a banger

    tight body, decent face


    you niccas cant handle them type of black women

  37. Free J Says:

    My crew ODP


    Don’t do


  38. AR-Clip Says:

    I love my people (black) from the hood to the burbs. From the cousins with the snotty nose, uncle/aunt that’s a smoker. Niggas in the hood asking for change. Doughboys grinding, the boosters stealing. Whatever negative shit people say us about us. I love my people.

  39. Free J Says:

    @ar clip – I don’t care about ANY race. Jus my ppl.

  40. AR-Clip Says:

    These infrared 6’s on my feet>>

  41. Gob Bluth Says:

    he turned her down mayne

    she was in the you owe me video

    shakin her ass, wavin her pom poms for nasir

    ask ginuwine


    She was also in a willie d & a ugk video back then, doesn’t really mean anything

    are we really gonna trust the word of a woman who let Nas enemy leave condoms on his baby’s seat ?

  42. b Says:

    You might as well forget about a rap career

    If that’s how ya feel

  43. b Says:

    He ain’t black

  44. Free J Says:

    Im cool wit ppl in the burbs to the hood, ALL races…fuck I look like pandering to one? I don’t relate to poverty tho…y’all struggles ain’t mine. Only care about me and my ppl I consider fam

  45. Free J Says:

    Monkey…u got enough attention from me today. Back in your cage now.

  46. AR-Clip Says:

    U think you getting girls now cause of yo looks?”
    Gun shots, Don Demarco!” Throws up the smack sign

  47. Gob Bluth Says:

    kelis was a banger



    Kelis >>> Rihanna

  48. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Soulllllllflooooowwwweeerrrr taaaaakkkkkeeee meeeee ffllllyyyyiiiinnnnn wiiiithhhhh yoooouuuuu

  49. b Says:

    Relating to poverty
    And relating to black folks are two different things

    Unless ya name free j

  50. AR-Clip Says:

    Everytime I watch, suge vs bill collector I laugh so hard I cry. Niggas stay going at smack head

  51. Harlem World Says:

    where louie v mob at?

  52. AR-Clip Says:


  53. b Says:

    Don’t come running to us when they call you a nigger

  54. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Harlem World
    2 mins ago
    where louie v mob at?

    ^cuz I was thinkin this furring da no limit cash money debate
    They had da steam mixtapes visuals….then just nothin
    I’m sure alley boy x trel made a few ones

    P just took off too long n let baby nem take his spot

    His flow is actually better than ever
    Al Capone x lv mobb>>>>

  55. b Says:

    I’m throwing away all my free j paperweights

    And deleting, oh too late

  56. cashmere cavalli aka snowbunny sampson Says:

    The Bulls thuggery >>>>>>

    just imagine a healthy Rose….but Nate holding it down

  57. b Says:

    There is absolutely nothing I can relate to in a free j song

    He ain’t getting high
    He married
    He loves white people
    He hates black people
    He never had a fight
    He got married again
    He’s a 22 year old divorcee

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