Treach – Tall Midget (Vin Rock Diss)

This is sad really. I came up on Naughty.

First Mobb Deep break up, now every day I wake up…


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110 Responses to “Treach – Tall Midget (Vin Rock Diss)”

  1. b Says:

    ya pops aint never told u dont look a man below the belt.

    or atleast not to caught doing it on camera?

    suss blaze

  2. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Now goin head n say it was a mask blah blah u lil dirtball nigga sleepin head x toe w you “cousin”

    Just come out da closet already

    Mister Bee

  3. b Says:

    flamin wayans u checking out niggas anatomys stop it

  4. b Says:

    matt flaming,

    we have video of you crotchwatching/armgazing and nigga loving.

    how can you dispute these facts?

  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    “Now my aunt askin if I’m gay cuz she never see me wit a girl”

    how can you dispute these facts?

  6. b Says:

    Look at those arms

    were you not quoted saying the above while blushing at a mans physique?

    answer the question flame dash

  7. b Says:

    You like niggas with big arms

    keep it real wit me?

  8. b Says:

    My bad y’all I be tripping.I been single since high school and will be 30nextyear .and sometimes not having that female companionship fucks with much shit I missed out on.and now I be thinking letx say I do get in a relationship and actually really like the girl,I’m not gon know how to act.Nigga self esteem been impacted by this shit.I have no clue what it feels like to be in a relationship cuz I’m so used to being dolo.yo my aunt be asking me if i’m gay cuz she never seen me wit a girl.

  9. b Says:

    Bitch told me she coming through the other night so I had a nice bottle of 1800 coconut on deck, I had a guiness with peanuts and popped one of those pro-zen pills,why the bitch was a no show smh.

  10. b Says:

    After I caught the softee I went into panick mode and figured I needed a good excuse.I confessed a whole lot of shit that I have prolly typed here before,all kinds of backpage shit I didnt have to tell her. Thing is,prior to this night I thought I was in the friendzone. Now I think I’m in the get this nigga the fuck away from me zone.

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