Termanology – Streetwise

Produced by Mighty Moe. Cuts by Statik Selektah.

Previously: Termanology – Hood Politics 7 (Mixtape)

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8 Responses to “Termanology – Streetwise”

  1. cOLD Says:

    burning all of me >>> terminology

  2. b Says:

    somebody quote a free j line

    I will wait

  3. b Says:

    yall frauds look funny
    shellz couldnt get a post on nahright if he had george bush money

  4. Free J Says:

    >>>>>playing stupid.

    Fuck u broke niggas and peasant lovers. Ya credit score ain’t good enough. I don’t relate to y’all…


  5. Free J Says:

    Don’t associate me with u negroes….you can have that. All u niggas look like sweet brown and Charles Ramsey

  6. Digital Scales Says:

    they got me man.

  7. Digital Scales Says:


  8. Digital Scales Says:


    remember this clown tried to diss me and G7

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