Lauryn Hill – Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)

Lauryn Hill drops off this new track “Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)” as part of her new deal with Sony.

Here is a link to a piece that I was ‘required’ to release immediately, by virtue of the impending legal deadline. I love being able to reach people directly, but in an ideal scenario, I would not have to rush the release of new music… but the message is still there. In light of Wednesday’s tragic loss (of former label mate Chris Kelly), I am even more pressed to YELL this to a multitude that may not understand the cost of allowing today’s unhealthy paradigms to remain unchecked!

Previously: Nas & Lauryn Hill Live @ Summer Jam 2012 (Video)

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15 Responses to “Lauryn Hill – Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)”

  1. A-1 Says:
    And here it is..hope y’all like it..and salute 2 Tron once again 4 lettn me rocc ova his beat..1

  2. A-1 Says:
    And 2 show my y’all go..1

  3. A-1 Says:

    Yo thanx 2 J7..King James..Killa..Leroy Green..Free J..Trondoe..Trill..JDerrida..I appreciate da luv & respect wholeheartedly..& nah J7 don’t dis Sihk he ill..might b da best on here 4 real..I’m a do 1 of his shits 2 when I get home but outta respect I ain’t gon drop it til I get his permission but yo thanx 2 everybody das fuccn wit me..luv

  4. A-1 Says:

    1 hr, 10 mins ago
    (moderation preview) 0 mins ago

  5. A-1 Says:

    Hope y’all come up wit somethn great..1

  6. A-1 Says:

    I’m actually proud I’m a small reason of why people is checcn dis site & honored dat y’all embracin my lil freestyles lol and 4 dat reason I’m keep grindn and try 2 make somethn happen 4 yall RealTalk..Luv….

    SN King James I c ya follown my YouTube channel..Das luv my nigga..I got ya doe..Watch me work

  7. A-1 Says:

    Mr X tried 2 body me lol but yo thanx 2 everybody who listened..and THERE WILL b anotha 1 comn 2morro as well..enjoy..1

  8. Jderrida Says:

    Why do I let niggas fuck my girl

  9. Jderrida Says:

    mask on mask

  10. Jderrida Says:

    nosign miracle is incomparable to inconcievable parables with many variables rap

  11. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    It’s scary to think one day being straight could be the minority

    Life is ill

  12. Jderrida Says:

    Cashmere Cavalli Aka Snowbunny Sampson
    16 mins ago
    It’s scary to think one day being straight could be the minority

    Life is ill
    what dumb statement
    some niggas really fear gay people.

  13. Jackson7 Says:

    “… this shit larger than life
    i got Zion City lookin like Harlem tonight
    dope lines and i aint talkin bout the bars that i write..
    my base is loaded, got fiends goin hard in the night ..
    swag like Big, ambition like Pac
    life in the fast lane , my transmission might lock..”

    A-1 got hella quotables

  14. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Lauryn on adderal Yo

  15. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Always respect any mention of Rockford Fosgate ..

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