Video: The Great Gatsby (Trailer ft. Jay-Z’s “100$ Bill”)

We’ve already heard a much longer snippet, but this new TV spot for The Great Gatbsy features a quick preview of the song as well.

Previously: Jay-Z – 100$ Bill (Snippet) | Beyonce & Andre 3000 – Back To Black

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8 Responses to “Video: The Great Gatsby (Trailer ft. Jay-Z’s “100$ Bill”)”

  1. b Says:


  2. Free J Says:

    U attacked damn near everyone on the site…only chea and casket got beef wit everyone

    Only 4 ppl are known for masks…casket and chea being 2

    Only one of those niggas commented on the date u archived…casket.

    I called u out and u got offended. U were preoccupied til then.

    Only casket made references to me lookin like a mutant.

    Only 007 and casket made references to my contacts…

  3. b Says:


  4. Free J Says:

    See what I’m gettin at here…

    Yo commas don’t even respect u enough to sit still in the right spots.

  5. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Cool Instrumental – Produced by Trill Clinton

  6. b Says:

    nigga look like the geico lizard

  7. Free J Says:

    @fypm – *daps* wasn’t expecting that I like that shit.

  8. Free J Says:

    This is the part where u type a paragraph decomposing…tellin niggas u ain’t never comin back….

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