Video: Rocko – Life Of A Don (Ep. 1)

Here is the first episode of Rocko’s new vlog series “Life Of A Don”. This clip gives us a recap of his recent trip to New York where he links up with Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, Wyclef and more.

Previously: Rocko ft. A$AP Rocky & Future – UOENO (Remix #2)

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6 Responses to “Video: Rocko – Life Of A Don (Ep. 1)”

  1. harlem world Says:


  2. A-1 Says:

    1 min ago
    *daps A-1*

    im a jus not say anything regarding shit again lol let yall niggas figure it out for urselves…
    It’s all g bruh

    0 mins ago
    10 mins ago
    Its crazy how this shit works
    i remember being a youngin and the crips showing a youngin love but not really knowing what that meant, i nvr bang i always knew i was meant for a higher path but they try to indoctrinate a youngin into thinking all pirus was bad until i found out my own fam was banging 5 then u look at it all and see the fuckery
    Gangs cant lead to community Huey P found out the hard way
    I respect dat..although ya SN is red rag slang

  3. AR-Clip Says:

    Reconnecting with an old chick>>> she looking even better

  4. harlem world Says:

    d’angelo: voodoo >>>>>>>>>>_____

    brown sugar >>>>>>

  5. AR-Clip Says:

    Niggas don’t bang colors down here.
    They set bang.

  6. AR-Clip Says:

    Kobe’s tweets was holding the Lakers back lol

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