Black Hippy Covers RESPECT

Previously: Kendrick Lamar & Miguel Cover VIBE

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16 Responses to “Black Hippy Covers RESPECT”

  1. hugh hef Says:

    kids from the 90′s and born in the new millenium…is not bumping no fucking 50 year old rapper…

    He got a good 30-40 years on these kids..

    Kids is fucking with kendrick, drake, mac miller

    Jay could be grand father to them kids b….not father…but grand father….

  2. hugh hef Says:

    this is what im tawkin bout…this is new blood..

    kendrick, school boy, trinidad james

    niggas tombout a fucking 50 year old rapper….who goes to country music awards….and lives in hollywood beverly hills


  3. Gob Bluth Says:

    kendrick lamar is better than that nigga…

    drake is better than that nigga

    the youngings rocking with them..

    they aint bumping some 50 year old


    record sales say different but kendrick ain better than Jay , he got bodied by Fif, Drake maybe but his raps border on corny most of the time

  4. harlem world Says:

    cOLD Says:
    April 18th, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    she needs therapy, counselling etc

    ^ nothing a quite remote town couldnt fix.


    shes ginger rothstein status

    unsaveable, will kill herself, abort ya kids to spite you

  5. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    That nigga jordan personified greatness, for all the kobe and lebron comparisons, I dont see it.

    That dude was on some next level shit, few times I had to stop watching the game and go play.

  6. why? Says:

    At least q has personality. The rest of these Black Hippy dudes aren’t exciting or interesting to hear.

  7. Gob Bluth Says:

    crab city > black hippy

  8. hugh hef Says:

    yall dont get tired of Jay….

    dude been here for 4 decades….4 decades…thats 40 years…he like 55…or some shit…

    Morgan Freeman…always look old and shit..

    Jay been here since the 80’s….then the 90’s, then the 00-01 millenia….and now he rocking with ye in 2010 – 2011…

    thats 4 decades….i had enough of this old nigga

  9. hugh hef Says:

    Jordans 6/6…is an amazing feat…

    never lost in finals…

    he didn’t have to retire….but he did…probably would have won those years…

    he let the rockets get theres and live for 2 years….

    who can say that?

  10. Gob Bluth Says:

    yo hoots you’re like a year younger than Jay fuck are talking about ?

  11. harlem world Says:

    kendrick is a humble dude

    never hear no excessive spendin raps from him

    even though he def has millies in that account

  12. HolidayKirk Says:

    kendrick is a humble dude

    never hear no excessive spendin raps from him

    even though he def has millies in that account


    If i remember correctly, he stunted on his A1 Everything verse, that’s a crazy verse too. Not excessive though.

  13. A-1 Says:

    Celebrity Real Estate Agent & Community Leader Jay Morrison Debates Power 105.1’S The Breakfast Club DJ Envy, Angela Yee, & Charlamagne On Suzzi Orman’s Advice, Investments, Credit, & Homeownership In Our Culture [User Submitted]
    This dude on 2 somethn

  14. Gob Bluth Says:

    Pippen’s wife >>>

  15. harlem world Says:

    christina milian >>>

    she got better with age

    eddie murphys oldest daughters >>>

    if im an investor im investing black women

    white woman past age 30 is finished, its a wrap for her (looks wise)

    black & chinese women dont age unless they fat and sloppy

  16. cOLD Says:

    and we can get money longer than pippens arms

    guns the size of shaq

    basketball anatomy to descibe illegal activity >>>

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