Video: Chuck Inglish & Curtis Williams in the Studio

3 Little Digs captures an in-studio conversation between Chuck and Curtis.

Previously: Pavy ft. Lil Durk, Curtis Williams & Key! – F.O.M.F. Pt. 2 | Chuck Inglish & Travi$ Scott In The Studio

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14 Responses to “Video: Chuck Inglish & Curtis Williams in the Studio”

  1. b Says:

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  2. sealsaa Says:

    “[Tha Carter III] album did great. But I don’t think Wayne collected a dime on royalty side. I don’t think he’s gonna be able to because some of the cats he was dealing with wasn’t doing straight business on the producer side. You’re under the impression that the guy you got the beat from was the guy who made the beat. It was situations like that that Wayne got caught in.

    ^Smh. They keep that nigga supplied in lean and pills for a reason. makes you wonder about the specifics of Drake and Niki’s contracts.

  3. HolidayKirk Says:

    Crazy cred check, does anyone here own a copy of the FUBU album?

  4. b Says:

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  5. b Says:

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  6. Harlem World Says:

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  7. b Says:

    film of lies

    > lol,that was a good one but leave him alone, glob booth is who you should direct shots to.

  8. Harlem World Says:

    baby & slim are crooks by nature, crooks by trade

  9. King James Says:

    Tears of joy>>>>

  10. b Says:

    does this fuck nigga ever comment without arrows?

  11. Harlem World Says:

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  12. b Says:

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  13. Harlem World Says:

    “if you got a robbin a$$ boss, you gonna have a robbin a$$ crew”

    (c) big meech

  14. b Says:

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