Smith ft. Sean Price – Hell

More new music from Brooklyn’s Smith, this time featuring Mic Tyson.

Spotted: Boi-1da

Previously: Smith ft. Maffew Ragazino – Don Shit

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13 Responses to “Smith ft. Sean Price – Hell”

  1. harlem world Says:

    the missing link be the big lips on the sphinx

  2. cOLD Says:

    puss >>><

  3. The Architek Says:

    bum slippers


    lol x smh

  4. harlem world Says:

    i want the same shit rza was on

    when he made black jesus

  5. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    chase the lifestyle you want

    easiest thing n da world to get is some puss

  6. HolidayKirk Says:

    last but not least that mercedes S-Class sedan. maaaan.


    Classy indeed but to common, its like the Honda Accord of luxury saloons. I prefer the A8.

  7. cOLD Says:

    “its not what you shoot, its actually what you edit”- WTK

    FUPM do you agree with this sentiment in the film of LIFE?

    “you can just turn on the camera let the video run” – Jay Z

    OR is this more your feeling.

    is there any editing at all in the film of life, my idea of editing will be previewing a previously filmed scene, learning from it and then making some behavorial adjustments for part duex.

  8. harlem world Says:

    shoutout to russians in brighton beach

    with that funny money

    i bet that shit at an outta town dice game

  9. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    some new balances is fly

    far as wearin them wit a v.neck sweater

    iont kno

  10. S.I.C.K Says:

    Teach me how to dougie?

  11. cOLD Says:

    Classy indeed but to common, its like the Honda Accord of luxury saloons. I prefer the A8.

    ^ yea that A8 is proper, shouts out the transporter.

  12. cOLD Says:

    some new balances is fly

    ^ the simplest of sneaks >>>

    the classic all grey joints with some sweats laying heavenly overtop >>>

  13. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    i see what you sayin

    imo theres no editing


    you as a director will improve throughout the filming process

    scenes you shoot now are alot more refined then scenes you was shootin 10 12 years ago

    shit ya film now may fall under a diff genre then it did 10 12 years ago

    i dont think therea edits

    the director..jus becomes more skilled

    sn: opening scene of raging bull is the…the black n white…sheesh..if none of yall have seen it youtube it

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