Reks ft. EzDread – Caged Bird

Something new from REKS’ Revolution Cocktail.

Produced by Introspective Minds.

Previously: Reks – Judas (Prod. by Lee Bannon) (Video)

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37 Responses to “Reks ft. EzDread – Caged Bird”

  1. Free J Says:

    ^ and how do you sacrifice something if you don’t have shit? What would a rapper with no money sacrifice to get on? Lol


    The possibility of a stable job…

  2. King James Says:

    Copped the django unchained DVD & blu-ray combo

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    you either all in or you not

    that whoole if i dont make it shit shouldbt een be in your concious thought

    jordan didnt take shots thinkin…”i might miss this”

    nah nigga

    you either locked in! all the way in! or you wastin ya time

    think about winning

    yeen even failed yet n u thinkin bout failure

    type a shit is that cuz

  4. AR-Clip Says:

    How he gone record, get his name known? That sacrifice shit sound good until its time to put it all on the table

  5. The Architek Says:

    Copped the django unchained DVD & blu-ray combo


    the more i think about this movie, the less i like it

  6. AR-Clip Says:

    I told myself when I was 9 years old imma die for this gold

  7. b Says:

    Fypm gems sometimes>>>>>>

    I have to take away points cuz he comes off as a fuck nigga extraordinaire who doesnt practice what he tweets.

  8. S.I.C.K Says:


    Speak on it

  9. Free J Says:

    @fypm – u kno what…u right. Cosign *daps*

    It’s that type of thinking that makes room for this niggas who WILL actually achieve it.

    @ar clip – there is a billion ways to make money

  10. King James Says:

    Co-sign fypm gems

    Nigga said some niggas movies and credits will end this summer had me dying lol

  11. King James Says:

    Confidence equals the key to success (c) Clifford Harris

  12. AR-Clip Says:

    I’m all about finding new ventures. Speak on these million ways

  13. Gob Bluth Says:

    these comments are very telling

  14. King James Says:

    Everytime destiny called King delivered (c) Clifford Harris

  15. AR-Clip Says:

    I used to wannabe the the vp of marketing at the Jordan brand company, now I just wanna be the president

  16. The Architek Says:

    nah SICK

    i don’t have any sort of dissertation about it

    just after repeat viewings, i don’t really fuck with it

    it’s dumbed-down tarantino

  17. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    “but I dont do drugs just weed, cautiion flag wavin fuck I still speed”

  18. Free J Says:

    I really fuckin hate my job. Next year…livin off the gi bill. I fuckin hate computers

  19. rex hussla Says:

    reks >>>

  20. The Architek Says:

    these comments are very telling


    really tho

  21. AR-Clip Says:

    I just gotta get over my dislike for the man

  22. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    so you tellin me you respect a guy livin in poverty chasin a rap career far after the window has closed.more then a avg working citizen?!?

    We not talkin about guys with legitimate business ideas etc we talkin bout wannabe rappers, and low level skreet niz.

    Everycity in america


    not what im sayin

    first of all if buddy was all in

    he woulda achieved some level of success

    local shows..a buzz etc

    niggas be bullshittin…you gotta be all in or u wastin ya time

    i aint knockin the workin man

    i only knock the workin mn that made no attempts to be a have they own shit

    jus bcuz.the reality may mean its a slim chance at success is means nothing to me

    im gonnna go til i fail then look n da mirror analyze the failure n make a logical decision from there if i
    should take another shot or not

  23. Free J Says:

    @ar clip – I’m jus sayin…besides one thing I learned is not to tell everyone how u make money. That’s how u fuck up shit for urself.

  24. The Architek Says:

    reks >>>



    he writes like niggas actually listen

  25. King James Says:

    Always have other sources of income word to cOLD and remix saying that years ago

  26. AR-Clip Says:

    Deandre did it so why can’t you

  27. Free J Says:

    im gonnna go til i fail then look n da mirror analyze the failure n make a logical decision from there if i
    should take another shot or not


    This initially is what I was saying but I see how it sounds like I’m planning for failure too

  28. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    first of all if buddy was all in
    he woulda achieved some level of success
    local shows..a buzz etc

    ^he do that I aint goin knock the nig like he aint shit. but there are a MILLION of them niggas from my hood alone, and then the entire city, state etc all across the country.

  29. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    @gob was shittin on mikey facts

    but you heard of him right?

    his buzz is at a point where you know his name..migjt not b a fan but u kno who he is

    the buzz he has is fuel for him to keep goin

    hes attained a level of success of rap like it.or not

    so why should he.stop now?

    b clear i dont listen to him at all jus usin it as an example

  30. AR-Clip Says:

    Always looking for new ways to make bread>> nosign waiting for that paycheck

  31. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Deandre did it so why can’t you

    ^soulja boy?!?! lol

  32. AR-Clip Says:

    THe KiD FRanKiE

    Deandre did it so why can’t you

    ^soulja boy?!?! lol

    ^ he gone die for his gold

  33. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    fuck a rapper, im tryna be like Baby ya heard me?!?

    tyga just said he never een got a check! EVER!

  34. The Architek Says:

    mickey factz is known for failure and being present for an assault on joe budden’s eyeball

    can’t name, hum, or recite one lyric or flow from that dude

  35. The Architek Says:

    in fact, being there when rae smacked buddens up extended his 15 minutes beyond the 15 minutes he earned being a punchline around here

  36. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    yea TKF

    fuck bein a rapper BUT

    if thats what u wanna be you should you change ya goal bcuz amillion fuck boys rap

    a million fuck boys tryna get at this money too

    fuck dat gotta do wit Trill Clinton tho?

    my ultimate goal is to make 100% location independent money

    make an annual amount that will support a top tier lifestyle but do it completley location independent

    i can go to sleep n cali wake up n japan go wherever the fuck i want and it wont effect my money at all

    fuck a office all dat shit

    the goal is location independent paper

    the world will b my office

    n it will happen

    im on my way

    nothing will stop Trill Clinton

    but im out yall niggas be easy

    go Lakers

  37. A-1 Says:

    Co-Hdub & Trill sentiments bout a hot summa…BODIES WILL B DROPPED..make sho it’s not ya’s..I KNO I’m roccn my jewels wit an aura dat ill surely die 4 em..rachet tuccd like what doe

    2 u cats dat comment from da nosebleed seats dis don’t apply 2 y’all..2 my niggas on da flo..grip up

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