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Video: A$AP Ferg Shoots the “Work (Remix)” Video w/ French Montana & Wale

Last month Ferg revealed that his “Work (Remix)” would feature Rocky, Trinidad James and two other unnamed MCs. This footage from the video shoot at Rucker Park shows French Montana and Wale on set, but according to Mikey Fresh, only French actually appears on the remix. Word has it that ScHoolBoy Q and one other unidentified MC will appear on the final version, bringing the total number of guest appearances to five.

Spotted: Miss Info

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11 Responses to “Video: A$AP Ferg Shoots the “Work (Remix)” Video w/ French Montana & Wale”

  1. Stot Says:

    No shots but dat bitch ugly

    Who would brag about that?

    Straight up grenade status

  2. Stot Says:

    Certain niggas should just tinypic tumblr models next time no shots

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    “some bitch text me her name Indira r some shit”

    “jersey area code?”


    “hol up…the number 555-555-5555”

    “yea ”

    ” same bitch txt me $100 first man who smack”


    @black if u never been check out Industry Lounge in center city

    smallspot but one of the FEW black pots in center city ..dj not playin that nut ass techno shit and the bitches


    not the ratchet bicthes i perfer

    these the master degree AKA soriority bitches

    ratio was like 5 7s to each nigga


    i was too twisted to implement the 3 step guide

    i was drunk operatin off pure animal instinct

    i compare it to a natural brawler who learned the sweet science of boxing reverting to his natural instinct in the ring

    technique > instinct

    harness the hunger of your instinct but execute it in a logical organized manner

    yea im savin that….

  4. Harlem World Says:

    a$ap ferg = kenneth?

  5. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    5 7’s to each nigga meanin i aint see nuttin less than a 7

    it was definitley a few 8’s and 9s n dat mufucka

  6. AR-Clip Says:

    I never bragged about the bitch. Re-read what the comment I made

  7. Black Says:


    You talking bout Industry 19 or some shit? If so I was just there for my homegirl birthday. That jawn was good money, music was good too.

    The word aint out on that jawn yet tho. Trust the hood gonna find out about it and the ratchets will infest.

  8. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    i dont take.numbers n.the club/lounge night life scene

    i give a bitch my number

    i only take.numbers if i bag a bitch durin the day at a random spot like at target r some.shit or on the street

    club scene.nah im givin my shit out

    its a science to it

  9. AR-Clip Says:

    Roff at the no shots though

  10. AR-Clip Says:

    Jayz gave all the ugly niggas a blueprint to get a bad bitch

  11. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    @black yea thats the spot lol you rigjht tho soon as the hood find out its a wrap

    i aint see that many bad black bitches n CC at one club in a longg time

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