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Styles P ft. Raekwon – Reckless

Off Styles P’s Scram Jones-produced LP, Float, arriving Tuesday.

Previously: Video: Styles P – Lean (Behind the Scenes)

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35 Responses to “Styles P ft. Raekwon – Reckless”

  1. TruthSerum Says:

    SashCHEA chu stay off 1100 Block between S. Wolcott Ave n W. Grenshaw St…????….You catch the 8 Bus by that Rehab & Education Center off S. Damen Ave n W. Roosevelt Rd, SANDwigga……S/O 2 whoever upped ya Longitude/Latitude location……YOU FOOD, SANDfaggot…..Hem ya ass up at the bus stop, have you plea bargaining w/ that burner to ya red dot on yo head, boy……You gonna make JoJo look like a goon after I’m done w/ chu’ fool…….If I were YOU…..I…..WOULD…..NOT…..COMMENT…..ANYMORE…..Ya personal info out there, bro…..Get ya dirty ass washed up real good for a pair of Coachella tickets…..You live in a rehab facility…..LMAO……Yung Lindsey LoSAND……..Yo, you are gonna catch it so damn bad, tho…..Hedon’teenknoit….Anybody who wanna know where Yung Sand Paper lay his rag at check it out….

    Domain Name (Unknown)
    IP Address 12.168.46.# (AT&T WorldNet Services)
    ISP AT&T WorldNet Services
    Continent : North America
    Country : United States (Facts)
    State : Illinois
    City : Chicago
    Lat/Long : 41.8675, -87.6744 (Map)<<<<(This is where Chea 1980 @AUTRGS/MJ/Mack Martinez/SashCHEA/HoneyLipsLouis lives in Chicago)

    Chief Ali….just tossed you an alley-oop, bro……You in the Chi, right…..!?


  2. TruthSerum Says:

    Chea Chea La Ghost you better BODY dat home address to that apartment building on the 1100 Block between S. Wolcott Ave n W. Grenshaw St like you did that Twitter page……Before niggaz really BODY you in REAL LIFE, dawg……LMAO…..YOU.A.VICTIM.


  3. TruthSerum Says:

    Chea 1980 @AUTRGS/MJ/Mack Martinez/Honey Lips Louis/SashCHEA’s home address…..Still working on the apt number….But we confirmed the cross streets and zip code……It’s only a matter of time now……

    S Wolcott Ave & W Grenshaw St
    University of Illinois, Chicago, IL 60612


  4. TruthSerum Says:

    Styles P – I Need Weed>>>>>>>

    Styles P – Bodies In The Basement is the theme music to SashCHEA’s brutal homicide……Unidentified vehicle let off several rounds at an Arabic man exiting his apartment building of the 1100 block of S. Wolcott Ave……We have NO suspects….and are asking the public for help…….LMAO……


  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Smh lol just skimmed yday wow a stot mask x 007 lol neither of Em me. I’m OT this wknd.

    Sn. Ip addresses….real life no made up shits….perhaps are we goin to far gentlemen?!? I mean…..ehh fuck it

    Keep goin!!! (c) ja rule

  6. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    las night >>


    life is good

    sn: im bout to run thru these. prev threads lol look like i need to catch up on some shit lol

  7. BoofSeamen Says:



    Seriously, my dudes. Imma quote FreeJ – yall gon get someone killt…and it ain een me. I was at a coffee shop in my hood last night commenting from a laptop … Ask anyone from Chicago, the coordinates that were posted don’t even make sense … Yung Dorner finna show up with a bazooka, a AR and some grenades at a coffee shop and blow up a motherfucking barista my nicca.

    On some “caramel with that macchiato?”


    I don’t know who stay at that 1100 block but whoever it is better know self defense because Yung Dorner thinks he found eem!

    Happy Sunday yall!

    (Oh and I’m commenting from an iPhone so please don’t show up and do a drive by at my gym, there’s actually some cute broads here – thanks!! ;-)

  8. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Wiz K – Bluffin >

    72 Dolphin’s Music

  9. Harlem World Says:

    F YOU PAY ME! Says:
    April 14th, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Wiz K – Bluffin >

    72 Dolphin’s Music

    penthouse music

    that click of cardo, sledgren, id labs got them chill ambient sounds in the beat

    hella relaxing

  10. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    yes indeed..they get it

  11. Harlem World Says:

    was listening to shot97 the other day

    star was sayin one of the reasons he left hot 97

    was because the crackers and house niccas at hot 97 wanted to pay eminem 300k to perform at summerjam (and thats not even including expenses etc)

    but yet they make every black, puerto rican artist (even if its jay-z) perform for free or else they wont play their records

    i respeckt thats one of the reasons he left

    big nuts on that nicca no homo

  12. Gob Bluth Says:

    Rocko da don >>

    real playa/hustla music, imma add him to the playlist

  13. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    what episode is that

  14. French Kevin Says:

    I hope Bulls know Heat are coming with a vengeance today. Shit is going to get pretty wild.

  15. Free J Says:

    @hw – check ur email

  16. rahrahrah Says:

    Thanks for the Coo Coo Cal…My Projects video was funny.

  17. TruthSerum Says:

    Chea Chea La Ghost don’t cop pleas NOW……Lat/Long : 41.8675, -87.6744 (Map)……That’s ya HOME ADDRESS, SANDFaggot…..Look at chu, back pedaling on sum hoe ass shit……You live between S. Wolcott n’ W. Grenshaw St by the Chicago Lighthouse for the blind n visually impaired……Faggot, you a DEAD SANDwigga….Get cha son shot in the fucking mouth while YOU walk down the block w/ him to that bus stop on W Roosevelt Rd……SANDfaggot the IP Address is in CHICAGO……1100 Block between S. Wolcott and W. Grenshaw…..You pussy ass SANDwigger……Get ya family clapped up like a standing ovay……..Boy, you can’t do nuthin to ME…..But everytime YOU log on you feeling threatened……YOU gotta look over YOUR shoulder…..NOT ME, SANDwigger…….Hug ya fam today, cuz it might just be the last time YOU get to…….LMAO……


  18. French Kevin Says:

    dog….who’s got time to remember or write all that shit

  19. b Says:

    Niggas is so lost
    They are told how to live thru music
    They latch on to anything promoting an existence they wish to have
    Its beyond enjoying a musical selection
    Hustla music (though they don’t hussle
    Jet life( what plane do u own)

    You can’t just rap anymore

    U have to do it whilst appearing to be wealthy with minimal skills

    God forbid u rapping without a Chain or watch on

  20. Harlem World Says:

    @ fupm

    11th april show, around 47 minute mark

  21. rahrahrah Says:

    art commerce

  22. TruthSerum Says:

    Them longitude n latitude coordinates aint to NO damn Coffee Shop, YOU SANDFacedLying ass Fuckwigga……You was commenting from an APARTMENT Bldg on S. Wolcott Ave…..You a moving target…..That red dot on ya rag head makes it too EASY……SANDwigger NOBODY likes chu dirty ass filthy fuckfaced Aye-RATS…YOUR ppl flys planes into buildings killing INNOCENT WOMEN & CHILDREN…..This is what we do to YOUR people……


    Yung Detention Camp……Yung Dunk Tank…..Yung Spalding, my comrades slam dunking yo head into dat bucket of ice cold H2O…….You an ESPN Highlight Film…..


  23. TruthSerum Says:

    You can’t even comment as MJ anymore…..Look at chu……YOU can’t even comment as Mack Martinez….Look at chu………YOU can’t even comment as CHEA anymore…..Look what I did to YOU…..Walls closing in…..Everytime you log on…YOU getting Cyber-Bullied and end up logging off….That Wi Fi Connection got chu shook to death…..Everytime YOU visit Nahright, YOUR family’s life n wellbeing is being threatened….Tell me what dats like…..Being afriad to type Nahright into your browser, becuz niggaz got cha HOME address…..Told you….YOU.A.VICTIM…….Meaning I do fowl shit to YOU…….You do nuffin’ but inform the local authorities…….Yung Vagisil, you a PUSSY, dawg……But it’s cool cuz ya head bout to get knocked off yo shoulders for ya fuckery…….YOU better BODY dat home address n MOVE yo fam somewhere SAFE……


  24. b Says:

    That Eminem shit is believable
    Look at what’s happening
    They are gonna try and push any kizza rapper they can
    And take this shit from us like they took rock and roll from little Richard

  25. Harlem World Says:

    whats the use of ridin round in a 400k car

    when people are starvin

    and not gettin the whip bulletproof

    gimme the same shit the pre$ident rides around in

    rick ross, ogd

    chains is cool to cop but more important is health

  26. Harlem World Says:

    They latch on to anything promoting an existence they wish to have
    Its beyond enjoying a musical selection
    Hustla music (though they don’t hussle
    Jet life( what plane do u own)

    there is some truth in this

    i see it as motivation music personally

    like michael phelps was sayin he used to listen to jeezy before competitions

    to get him psyched up and motivated

  27. TruthSerum Says:

    BoofSeamen/MJ/Mack Martinez/SashCHEA/Chea Chea La Ghost/Honey Lips Louis lives at…..

    S Wolcott Ave & W Grenshaw St
    University of Illinois, Chicago, IL 60612

    Between the 1140-1190 block……He Half Arabic….Half White……ALL PUSSY, tho…


  28. Gob Bluth Says:

    b Says:


    please ignore my comments chea, i got watches worth more than your whole life faggot, i been home

    worry about your herpes infested son & stop yearning for black men to acknowledge you

  29. Harlem World Says:

    daughter in porn or magic johnson son?

    no incest/pedo

  30. BoofSeamen Says:

    Public service announcement:

    NahRight BBQ will be held today, April 14, from 1 to 4 pm at the corner of Wolcott and Grenshaw.

    Chea will be serving up gourmet sand nigger treats including hummus, shawerma and falafel.

    Please don’t forget: Wolcott and Grenshaw.

    Truth Serum will be teaching the children how to shoot an AR rifle.

    DJ Pharris will be spinning the latest hits.

    See you there! Come early! [ll] Food will be served on a first come, first serve basis.


  31. BoofSeamen Says:

    Someone just asked if kids are invited.

    Answer: absolutely.

    B has volunteered to handle kids’ activities, including face painting and coloring.

    Wolcott and Grenshaw … See you there!!

  32. TruthSerum Says:

    Look at chu’ SANDwigger……Typing that N-Word, huh…..You’s a SANDwigger not nigga……You dont have NO melanin on your body……YOU Aye-RAT mixed w/ Cracker…….LMAO at chu’ and ya racist fuck ass ways……Smack da n-word out yo bitchass…..SandMonkey….


  33. b Says:

    Lost nigger that expensive watch shit is cute
    What do you own

  34. Harlem World Says:

    imagine having to mask up as 15 different people

    to leave an anonymous comment on a website

    severe case of schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder

  35. Gob Bluth Says:

    on nah 24/7 masked up trying to get attention from black men

    but you a lawyer working 19 hrs ?


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