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Video: A$AP Rocky Says He’s Dropping an Instrumental Album

About two and a half minutes into this interview, Rocky reveals that he’s working on a self-produced instrumental LP that he’s going to release soon. He also talks about working with Timberland on a new 40 Below design and wanting to work with Andre 3000.

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One Response to “Video: A$AP Rocky Says He’s Dropping an Instrumental Album”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKie Says:

    DEA says
    You’re visible…
    ^fuckin dead lmaooooo
    Chea typin up da indictment tracing his IP address as we speak
    Nah all jokes aside a nigga handle his responsibilities and make sure you dont go overboard then by all means indulge in whatever your twist is.
    I would be drunk right now if I could.

    ^this too iont do da pills n lean but shit I ain’t mad at him if that his vice fuck it. And after seein that video he posted I think dats just how they live down there.
    A1 tho>>>>>>>

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