CJ Fly – The Error (Prod. by Cookin Soul)

New solo shit from Pro Era’s CJ Fly over a Cookin Soul production.

CJ on the track:

“My pro Capital STEEZ considered the Progressive Era as an contradiction and since he was my inspiration for this song I decide to make the title have deeper meaning too. We make the ERA, they make the error. So turn your speakers on max and listen carefully. Hope you love it #LONGLIVESTEELO “

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9 Responses to “CJ Fly – The Error (Prod. by Cookin Soul)”

  1. King James Says:


  2. Gob Bluth Says:

    Fuck the chicago bulls as a staff, team & motherfuckin crew, you now the rest

    i’m out doe

  3. Gob Bluth Says:

    no shots of course

  4. King James Says:

    aight then gb

  5. A-1 Says:

    Still turnin….down 2 my las doe smfh

  6. A-1 Says:

    Still got dese doe…..I’m crippn but I’m a lord of vice 4 real lol

  7. A-1 Says:

    Peace GB

  8. A-1 Says:

    A-1 da don…I put numbas on da boards……

    Signin off…..

  9. jderrida Says:

    Jay-Z Open Letter >>>

    Hiphop needs a whole album of that

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