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Video: Mysonne – Sound of NY (Chris Lighty Tribute)

Mys pays tribute to his late friend Chris Lighty.

Previously: Mysonne – Sound of NY (Chris Lighty Tribute)

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3 Responses to “Video: Mysonne – Sound of NY (Chris Lighty Tribute)”

  1. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    You niggas got the wrong world view


    Although I am a God I have 1 KNOWLEDGE which gives me 2 WISDOM which allows me to UNDERSTAND the REALITY of the universe my physical being operates in

    My physical being currently operates in the American Capitalist system where a means to income is a necessity to obtain a certain degree of quality of life

    You said an example that we are not gpds because niggas die

    Again your world view is wrong god

    Your PHYSICAL being may expire but that does not mean YOU ate dead.

    Niggas limit themselves to a PHYSICAL being a physical concotion of flesh and bones

    YOU the igod.controls that physical being it doesn’t control you

    Each and every person that reads this operates in their own reailty..their own universe

    with exception of your family you choose who comes and goes in your reality

    Someone mebtioned becoming sick

    YOU control YOUR food intake.which is a lot of times the cause for ill ess the chemicals.n shit found in our food

    Humans have been conditioned for thousands of years to believe they are at the mercy of the pie n the sky

    nah fuck that

    I am god because I have the ultimate power to control.my destiny.control who I interact with the decisions I make etc etc

    If you control your own reailty..your own universe is that not an attribute of god?

    @plug you mentioned working together and going to church

    For 1 I am all about nuilding but if I recognize I am a god…but you choose to deny that fact and operate from the world view of a being at the mercy of.the pie.in the sky

    We wont be very product

    Them.niggas.in kemit understood they were gods

    Look what they accomplished

    And for the record, I don’t BELIEVE I deal with things that are right and exact

    Plus said if the black man is god why a lot of 5 percenters in jail

    That is a very ignorant questions

    Just because niggas got.knowledge of aelf and.ccan recite thet 1 – 20s doesn’t mean they’ve fully grasped the understnding of their inner self the I god.

    Once you accept complete and total self accountability you are beginning to gett intouch with your I god

  2. Cypher Says:

    Dead @ that ray j artwork..

    Eskay you coulda let that post live… Ain’t no one checkin for Mysonne…no one

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    That’s why niggas ain’t shit now

    All these pie in the sky manmade religuon

    The original black man knew he was a god

    The remixed black man…that nigga was a slave closin his eyes prayin god would set them free

    A few of the slaves knew they was a gilod

    Harriet tubman duck ass knew she was a god when she aaid fuck sittin and prayin to some pie n the sjy I’m takin shit into my own hands

    Its niggas is n da hood right now
    Been on welfare for genrations

    They go to church every Sunday close they eyes and wish for luck..scratch lotto tifkets wish for.luxk wish for thw pie n da sky etc

    They havent realized they are a god yet

    Soon as you realize you are a god and you harness and focus that shit

    You can’t be stopped…you can’t be fucked with

    The world will be at your mercy not the other way around

    Ok ok I’m done

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