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Video: Pharrell ft. Nardwuar – Here’s A Ho (Remix)

Jason Goldwatch chopped up a particularly funny portion of the P vs. Nardwuar interview over an Evidence beat for this “Here’s A Ho” remix clip.

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3 Responses to “Video: Pharrell ft. Nardwuar – Here’s A Ho (Remix)”

  1. The Architek Says:

    loool niggas shootin at wifeys is a foul mixture of ether

    kev’s bm is one thing, ’cause, i mean, look at her…

    and they aren’t together, i take it.

    i submit that to the board to be restricted, along with ethering babies and chop/screwing comments.

  2. Oh4werd Says:

    “Yo Frankie is an ill etherist” (c) no one ever

    “That nigga Frankie a skitzo” (c) everybody at one point or another

    007 try to ether wives but his gf had him cryin to a bunch of niggas on here for months..

    Shit is odd

  3. Oh4werd Says:

    Funny thing is this niggas balls ain’t drop til he got a decent job. Nigga wrote a autobiography on his struggle and how he was down and out…

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