Slum Village – Forever

SV libertaes the first street single from their forthcoming LP Evolution, due out this June.

Previously: Slum Village – Dirty Slums 2 (Mixtape)

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13 Responses to “Slum Village – Forever”

  1. MJ Says:

    niccas pulled all-nighters shooting last night…lmao

    NR = vietnam

  2. S.I.C.K Says:


  3. Gob Bluth Says:

    If I’m on the move and I see a bitch id fuck or get top from I’m goin to approach if she ain’t wit it I coyld give a fick I keep it movin

    I prolly approached 2 bitches this mornin and forgot

    I give no fucks about a approachin a bitch r u serious?


    i see the vision in this, but Kev is right i hop off the train & see pretty much the same people

    i see the merit, 5 a day you’re guaranteed at least one number, depending on yr g of course, but who has the time

    FYPM what are you spitting at these chicks ?

  4. TruthSerum Says:

    Dlame email ya resume to INeedAJOB@gmail dot com…..Lemme review it….Might call you in for a job interview….How good are you at taking trash out and folding men’s underwear….???? I need me a new Do-Boy ass nigga to Boss around……lol…How $12.75 sound…..extra 25 cents, bro…..that shit adds up in the end……lol…….Fucking shame…..get chu a career, dawg…..NOT a job…..


  5. cOLD Says:

    nahright challenge

    holla at a bitch all while secretly recording video

    lets see if you get shot down

    or the puss on a platter.


  6. Troyvul Says:

    niggas speed date on the streets?

  7. MJ Says:

    401Kplan can’t be touched until YOU turn 60yrs old


    My Roth 401(k) tho >>>>>>>>

    Pay taxes now.

    Never pay a penny of taxes again.

    Let that bitch grow for 40 years.

    Pull that money out without paying Uncle Sam a red cent.

    Plus it’s all in the S+P5Hunnat which is ripping right now.

    *cops bottles of Ace (with the sparklers) just to pour them on the waitress*

  8. MJ Says:

    Niccas is hollin at broads on the skreet.

    Succeeding one time out of a 1,000.

    The other 999 giving niccas the scrunchy look.

    My homies that’s bachelors are on landing 8’s and 9’s on the strenth.

    Sorry but that street shit is a low success rate even if you a star.

    This been known.

    Internet allow you to filter the walruses and holler skrate at the winners’ circle.

    Up that $9.99/month, don’t be stingy, that’s money well-“spunt” (c) Frenchie

  9. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    Yes on the street

    aint nothin better than cold approachin a bitch on the street

    > One week about a year and some change ago I decided to make this a daily ritual. Some chicks respond well to a nigga, some gon stunt but the effort is made. I will go as far as saying you dont even ave to be a smooth talker,when you can approach a woman instantly(without thinking about it) and shoot from the cuff,they respect that shit. Backpage been on the backburner.

  10. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    aint nothin better than cold approachin a bitch on the street

    Nothin better fuck what u heard

    > debatable as well.

    getting approached by a bitch at a social gathering/function or on the streets that you’d fuck is the loftiest, confidence boosting occurrence ever IMO.

    yes…it’s far in between but it virtually cuts ya work in half.

  11. cOLD Says:

    HEY! mah, my name is FUPM

    chick: hunh!?

    cOLD: you must be tired

    chick: lemme guess I been running through your mind righ?

    cOLD ok ok okay… that was lame but I just did that to get a smile outta you.

    chick: hoy boy (somewhat intrigued)

  12. cOLD Says:


  13. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Yo I might really do that shit

    Soon as I get a sd card

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