Video: B.o.B.’s Vitamin Water Commercial

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3 Responses to “Video: B.o.B.’s Vitamin Water Commercial”

  1. General Glamour Says:

    4 mins ago
    I got nothing against you CP but shut the fuck up you child. No one gives two squirts of duck shit about your ideas of Nah utopia.


    EngRep you got ethered by jderrida


    he was walking around with your balding toothless cabeza

    that’s akin to getting dunked on by a midget

    leave the court now.

  2. TS-LTE Says:

    CP is the man. It is what it is.

    And I never seen Cypher wrist or anything. But Cypher’s the man too. I been knew he was black. We’ve talked Via email and he has the same ideals as me when it comes to the perseverance of our race in regards to success.

    Bless you Blacks. And *Daps* A-1.

    Niggas don’t know the luxury it is to be endowed in the Maybachs of skin tones (black on black on black on black).

    We the muthafuckin best. Always have been. Always will be.

    Nigga, I’m 20 motherfucking 8 and I’m a Director. The Film of MY Life is glorious.

    Been a long time coming, but it really aint been that long.

  3. Czar Says:

    Props to TS. I c u!

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