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Katie Got Bandz ft. Gunplay – Yall Niggaz Aint Hittaz (Remix)

Gunplay adds a verse to Katie Got Bandz’s “Yall Niggaz Aint Hittaz” track.

Previously: Katie Got Bandz ft. King Louie – Pop Out (Video)

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28 Responses to “Katie Got Bandz ft. Gunplay – Yall Niggaz Aint Hittaz (Remix)”

  1. Oh4werd Says:


  2. A-1 Says:


  3. A-1 Says:

    2 da diccridaz…fucc off please thanx
    Salute 2 da big homie TS and da legend CP
    But da homies HW and The Kid Frankie r 2 very important parts 2 da nah Eco system…tis what it tis……
    Turn uppppppp non fucc niggas

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Nahggers is children

  5. A-1 Says:

    Dey’ont do how we do…
    Niggas ain’t on da shit we onn…..
    Everythang new…
    Spikes on da Loubatinsss…

  6. ayo Says:

    Im bogota rich bitchhhhhhhh

  7. AR-Clip Says:

    YO Gotti- I Got Dat Sack” come on in the club>>>

  8. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    “Bitch I’m sacked up.”

  9. Dwayne Gretsky Says:


  10. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    And just think….

    Millions and millions of people are waking up to hear the same story they been hearing all they life

  11. AR-Clip Says:

    I wonder what the club gone look like tonight?

  12. das Says:

    Did Birdman ever drop a Best of Big Tymers/early Cash Money album?

    I need that in my life.

  13. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Did Birdman ever drop a Best of Big Tymers/early Cash Money album?

    I need that in my life.
    Real talk

  14. ayo Says:

    Everybody get your roll on

  15. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Jay Dee-Time: Donut of the heart>>>>>>>

    I’m still on reflecting on last nights festivities

  16. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Earth Wind and Fire Open our Eyes and Head to the Sky>>>>>>>

    J7 what u know bout them albums old man?

  17. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Flying Lotus – Dilla Tribute>>>>>

    Curren$y- Your Direction>>>>>>>

    After a night of vice u must always smoke good, listen to smooth quality music and eat a good home cooked meal.

    Balance my niggas

  18. AR-Clip Says:

    OG on the grill, fam over, Life is Good

  19. A-1 Says:

    Happy Easter..I’ont kno how niggas do it elsewhere but 2day marks da official 1st day of vice season..parks gon b crazy..barbecues..cook outs..bitches in nothn but da bare minimum and turn in cups..in da air..and dissovln in da blood..turn da fucc up niggas..! 1

  20. ayo Says:

    Vice has no seasons. Its year round. I dont know what yall talking about

  21. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Christet Michelle- Charades>>>>>>

    Aaliyah – Be alone>>>>>>>>

  22. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Ab Soul – All Feeling>>>>>>>

    Curren$y – Count My Money>>>>>>>>

  23. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Where the Jackie Guerriddos at bruh?
    I need em in me life

  24. ayo Says:

    I need em in me life too

  25. &What?! Says:

    I was too high last night.. don’t like that shit when you’re too high and walking down stairs seems similar to the journey Frodo Baggins had to make to destroy the one ring in Middle Earth

  26. &What?! Says:

    Had me taking 30 minutes to pick a DVD to watch SMFH

  27. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    U about that life.
    Nosign not being able to function tho

  28. &What?! Says:

    Nah man I ain’t about that ULTRA HIGH life you know being so high people are like ‘yo man.. yo.. HELLO ARE YOU LISTENING?’

    and I’m just like ‘huh?’

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