Video: Kyle Rapps – Watch Out

Kyle’s day out.

Spotted: Noisey

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18 Responses to “Video: Kyle Rapps – Watch Out”

  1. hugh hef Says:

    tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:
    March 22nd, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Duquesne University >>>

    ^whatchu know bout it

    ^went to the burgh…like the city…

    I was by Crafton…outside of pitt….

    but the pirates stadiums is the best in the us…bar none…

    chilled in the bars on bottom…

    the bridge, the water…love it

    went to cleveland…

    pittsburgh > cleveland

    cleveland sucks

  2. b Says:

    Oh4werd Says:
    March 22nd, 2013 at 2:05 pm
    Lol how does anyone take any of these threats seriously?

    > I have met sick, this will be an easy W, thats why he wont come to my place of work, had he upped his work address, I would be on rikers right now.

  3. hugh hef Says:

    cleveland is ghost town

  4. Gob Bluth Says:

    Gob Bluth Says:
    March 8th, 2013 at 11:09 pm


    yup bout that time

    Facts >>> desperate lies

  5. Oh4werd Says:

    Lol smh…

  6. b Says:

    Niggas merked this nigga pops and he layin back popping champagne lmao

    what that got to do with the nigga that gave u life getting relieved of his oxygen supply?

    u fancy huh lmao

  7. Oh4werd Says:


  8. b Says:

    I bet he aint even gone pour out no moet for his slain pops smh,he gave u life and when he loses his u on some ron browz shit.

  9. Casket Face Says:

    you can catch the liRR or the 4 if you want the know what it is. clown.cant even get ya dick up. but you tough huh


    Thats gay hip-hop for you niggas… Whoa! (c) Truth Semen

  10. Oh4werd Says:


  11. S.I.C.K Says:

    I have met sick,and he took my tree

    ^fixed for soft niggas

  12. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    free you goin for goat insitgator huh?

  13. Gob Bluth Says:

    Lol @ paying for female company

    not surprising when ya hero married an incarcerated dyke lookin bitch

  14. b Says:

    sick up that work address or miss me bro, that simple ,smh

  15. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    I have met sick, this will be an easy W

    > lolololo!

    ever since Unc made blandon ounce light he been tryna get a W to redeem himself. smh.

    not meeting blandon makes him a loser forever.

  16. b Says:

    Gob Bluth Says:

    “pop champagne”

  17. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    I hope niggas aint sleep on Temple in they bracket

  18. Plug Says:

    My pops passed last year

    to talk about a ninjas deceased pops is too far

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