Video: N.O.R.E. Talks About the Tunnel

If you came up in NYC during the Tunnel era, you know N.O.R.E.’s crew MU was infamous for terrorizing the notorious club during its heyday. In this clip from his recent appearance on The Combat Jack Show, he speaks on a time that Pun tried to sneak him in after he had been previously banned, and an incident where Capone got cracked in the head with a bottle for trying to get at Foxy Brown.

Stream the full Noreaga episode of TCJS after the jump and be sure to peep his new video for “Built Pyramids” with Large Professor.

This week, we welcome the Super Thug aka N.O.R.E. and get to the bottom of the long standing “beef” between P.A.P.I. and “super attorney” Reggie Ossé. Noreaga speaks on his history with Mobb Deep, Notorious B.I.G., Tragedy, Capone, Chris Lighty and other rap luminaries. Plus, Nore tells us about his trip to the fat farm to visit the late, great Big Pun. Get ready for Combat!!!

Previously: P.A.P.I. ft. Large Professor – Built Pyramids (Video)

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35 Responses to “Video: N.O.R.E. Talks About the Tunnel”

  1. Casket Face Says:


    He a one hit wonder

    hasnt produced anything else since

    stole def jam money




  2. Oh4werd Says:

    Jus because you double space doesn’t mean it ain’t a paragraph lol

    ” Freeeeeee J, quit it! :-( “

  3. Oh4werd Says:

    Sentences >>>> paragraphs

    U aint truth serum lol

    ” dammit this guy! : -( “

  4. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    it stems from young sub .500 being sick and tired of feeling inferior when he reads my comments

    so he lashed out n anger

    only to body himself

    by upping a pic of dat buck tooth mall rat bitch this clown ass nigga MARRIED

    but he wanna bad mouth Trill Clinton


  5. Tong Po Flo Says:

    *run laps around the english channel*

  6. Oh4werd Says:


    The lie detector determined that was a lie (c) Maury

  7. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    smh…big azz Lil Wayne banner on wshh….

  8. Casket Face Says:

    I be on some DMX shit when I see or hear Just Blaze …he’s a FUCK NIGGA

    I don’t like his voice, I don’t like hat, I don’t like his face (c) CMX

    Just Blaze is the Last Dragon of herbs…that nigga reached the final level, he glows like a herb.

  9. Harlem World Says:

    damn tommy boy took nores publishing

    all them bangers and he cant even eat off them smh

  10. b Says:

    but he wanna bad mouth Trill Clinton

    > lol

  11. Harlem World Says:


    he brought that nigganese style to the table

    the change >>>>>

    real life gems wrapped up in nigganese

  12. Oh4werd Says:

    The archives are NOT ur friend lol it’s well documented my wife>>> ur trolls.

    “This Free J guy, dammit I hate his guts! >: ( @

  13. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    poor kid

    had 0 trill influences

    not 1 mufucka n his circle told this lil dirty nigga

    “you can do better than that..dont marry her cuz…come on cuz..she aiiight but marriage? I dont kno man sleep on it”

    all the poor kid had was a bunch of simpaholics

    “follow your heart bro”


    you niggas should b ashamed of yaselfs lien to that boy

    none of you niggas a marry that lil smut lookin bitch

    keep it a hunnit

    she look like a cute lil slut

    cute lil slut id have suck my balls then top me off

    you married her


  14. b Says:

    Call that loved one you have been meaning to, say hello. dont forget either.

  15. Oh4werd Says:

    No one consigned u and u disappeared… The archives don’t lie lol

  16. Tong Po Flo Says:

    CNN >>>>>

  17. Casket Face Says:

    I remember somebody handed me the phone and NORE was on the line like “I heard you Queens niggas getting it out there”

    I was like whaddup!!!!! We chopped it up for a 30mins about New York


  18. Oh4werd Says:

    Lol this guy won’t tell us why he has pictures by hisself he posted to a site FULL OF DUDES and says he dont gotta explain himself to me…

    But notice every time I point out his flaws he has an answer for that lol

    ” : -((((((( “

  19. hugh hef Says:

    ^Nas is gayer than kanye and asap rocky

  20. b Says:

    # false story

  21. Oh4werd Says:

    Damn u haven’t posted in a few minutes…

    Must be a reeeeeeally long paragraph lol

  22. Tong Po Flo Says:

    ^ That was the style in the 90’s but if he rocked that now and days that’s a different story

    NaS >>>>>

  23. Oh4werd Says:


    *double space*


    *double space*

  24. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    poor kid has 0 respect for himself


    type nigga marry any white bitch he can get his hands on

    are you kiddin me cuz

    this nigga said “you want a picture of my wife”

    he typed that shit wit confidence like she bad

    lmao he love that sub par bitch

    young loner simpson

    yeen earnin like Trill Clinton

    yeen turnin like Trill Clinton

  25. Harlem World Says:

    drake got money no doubt

    but cash money dont pay royalties, mannie, b.g everybody has said it

    how do they get away with this shit

    thats grimey

    act like its all love but they stealing from you

  26. Casket Face Says:

    b Says:
    March 18th, 2013 at 11:58 am
    # false story


    Nigga sleep at your aunts and pay for pussy …your simple words don’t move me.

  27. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Ya pop shoulda smacked the shit out of your for marryin that bitch cuz

    id be willing to bet a large wager you have a bad relationship with ya pop

    you went n grabbed the first white bitch that would pay you attention and married her

    just to anger ya pop didnt you lil nigga

    why u aint just smut that n pass her

    this little fuck married a baton but wanna bad mouth Trill Clinton


    your wife is a baton cuz

    we’d smoke her out n pass that bitch around

    Trill niggas know

  28. Harlem World Says:

    flocka and gucci beefin over selena gomez?

    this is some vince mcmahon shit if i ever seen it

    no way either of them niccas ran through that

  29. Harlem World Says:

    nelly >>>>

    he raped the game for all its worth

  30. Oh4werd Says:

    Lol I stopped reading ur paragraphs 2 novels ago…

  31. Oh4werd Says:

    Blah blah blah wife blah blah

    Blah smut blah blah blah

    Blah blah blah lil nigga blah blah

    Blah blah

    Trill trill trill blah blah

  32. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Help your self out kid

    help your self

    tell us she got a PhD

    tell us her pop a big wig ceo or some shit

    tell us something

    you the poster boy for the sub .500 nigga

    you should be ashamed of yourself

    instead of striving for more

    you took the fuck boy route

    the lesser human being route

    and married that sub par bitch

    but you wanna bad mouth Trill Clinton

  33. Oh4werd Says:

    I own your mind lol

    ” no you don’t!!! : -( “

  34. Oh4werd Says:

    But I thought trill niggas don’t bother wit sub par niggas lol

    Poor guy…

  35. sealsaa Says:

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