Black Milk – Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst

For his first release of 2013, Black Milk hits us with a double track ‘Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst’. New album dropping this summer.

Previously: Black Milk on J Dilla’s “Fantastic Interlude” (Video)

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285 Responses to “Black Milk – Sunday’s Best / Monday’s Worst”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    Kevin is a wiiiiindow shoppeeeer, mad at me I think I know whyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    Kev got dis 1..again

    > as always…especially when i live in infamy on a niggas hard drive. ew!

    i ain bodied.

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Kev you are a gypsy and that’s actual factuality. I proved your family lineage is actually Romanian an you haven’t seen a shower for 30 years. This is all facts.

  4. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    okay, coates.

    jus remember how gangsta you think my fathers name is(it’s documented) & we good ova here.


  5. Casket Face Says:

    Niggas be buckin’ where you be at? Why you never buckin? – Nas

  6. ayo Says:

    The data for this petty broke niggas is


  7. oh4werd Says:

    casket it says…47,1784.92, if im readin it correctly. I think that comma is in the wrong spot lol

  8. oh4werd Says:

    either way…he showed and proved somethin.

  9. why? Says:

    casket it says…47,1784.92, if im readin it correctly. I think that comma is in the wrong spot lol



  10. jderrida Says:

    47,100 or 471,000?

  11. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    This Bradley vs Provodnikov is crazy.
    Fight of the year so far.
    Yo England you think your girl be dogging?

  12. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Casketface makes 471,000 dollars EVERY day
    Ask Lena Dunham
    That’s his homeboy

  13. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    This fight is SO good
    Unlike the last one in HERE
    “You said the Nigger got KILLED!”(c)Black Ben the Blacksmith

  14. Casket Face Says:

    Why niggas making shit up though? Cats always bending the truth… last time I ever up a pic of anything.

  15. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Snowing in Brooklyn
    What happen to that General Glamour dude?

  16. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    You got the win son lol
    Relax in ya Mansion tonight playboy
    You still have possession of your soul.

  17. oh4werd Says:

    @CF – if ur referring to me, I’m not bending the truth. Just inquiring. It was hard to tell, lookin at the pic. no shots.

  18. oh4werd Says:

    general glamour and CP the same person…right?

  19. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    If these two dudes was heavyweights this would be the fight of the Century.
    This shit is real hardcore blood everywhere
    If you ain’t got no guts,you ain’t got no glory(c)Marvin Bernard
    Round 12

  20. Casket Face Says:



    I’m lost…

  21. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    I’m new around here so I don’t know who is who.
    Will one of you young fellas tell me who is who?
    Bradley got knocked down at the end?
    What a fight!!!

  22. Oh4werd Says:

    Lol I swear there was an extra number there but the picture is gone now. U kno I don’t got no opinion on u against the crowd. I was jus wondering…

  23. Oh4werd Says:

    My wife saw that shit too. But I really don’t give a fuck at the end of the day

  24. hootie back Says:

    casket definitely was lying here are the 2 pics

  25. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    C’mon Casket
    You make more than that son
    How you gonna afford that submarine making that much?
    That was a knockdown of Bradley for those keeping score
    Pat Russell blew the call
    But Bradley won.
    Because the black man always wins these days.
    Even lil junkie I mean Wayne.

  26. hootie back Says:

  27. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Roll that plastic sheet off the floor
    Nothing to see here
    Break it up

  28. hootie back Says:

    we all saw it and i just linked it

    can’t rewrite history casketface

    you’re known for doing that shit just ask bananas the ape

  29. Casket Face Says:

    My wife saw that shit too. But I really don’t give a fuck at the end of the day


    Neither do I lol, I was proving a point.

  30. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    My bank statement is these five knuckles in your eye socket

  31. oh4werd Says:

    LMAO…casket how u gon try and make me look crazy? i knew what i saw…

  32. hootie back Says:


    you can’t fool the crowd

  33. Casket Face Says:

    Casket Face says:

    According to niggas in here I sell socks though … and not graphic art or website design and programming.I could make art in under 4 minutes with any pic you post….try me.


    Just saying

  34. oh4werd Says:

    lol im fuckin lost…

  35. Casket Face Says:

    I posted a fake bank account to prove , one I can photoshop anything so whats the point to posting pics….two lurkers be watching, Hoots proved that

    yet niggas say they own my soul, my intellegence operates on quantum levels….I’m inside niggas brain when they think I’m not.

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