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Video: Rick Ross’ Reebok Classics Party In Miami

The Maybach Music Empire take their talents to South Beach for Reebok’s #LiveWhiteHot campaign.

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7 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross’ Reebok Classics Party In Miami”

  1. A-1 Says:

    Finesse= robbery witout a gun..slicc talk ya out dat bread..sell ya dummy briccs..rabbit food..etc…

  2. A-1 Says:

    Wale got on da same shirt Tony wore in Scarface lmao/smmfh

  3. Casket Face Says:

    Why analyzing nigga’s clothing FAGGOT? Stop looking at niggas…BITCH

  4. A-1 Says:

    Put some bass in ya voice bitch when u talkn 2 a g lmao Woodface tryna catch wrecc foh hoe nigga

  5. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    That solja boy top back record isn’t bad..
    Is it just the beat?
    The lyrics are corny
    But they fit the track perfectly…
    Solja Boy is like the milk d of this era
    But he made way more money

  6. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    They trying to kill your boy casket
    Let that shit go he know he was wrong for saying that shit.
    But you not gonna be able to bully niggas for a minute duke.

  7. A-1 Says:

    Lets add it all up now..
    Ure a literal fag (c) Trillie
    Who thanks puss is ovarated(your words)..also
    Thanks southern..western..and u guessed it eastern blacc women r filthy and below ya white trailer trashie who’re wifey
    Also u have visions of 1 day b’n a Caucasian male but those visions r interrupted by some actual white guys who stunt on u relentlessly 2 da point where u almos shed a Riff Raff tear..
    Ya Lil dirty ass 101 Dalmatian kids gotta permanent struggle face cuz dey pops can’t afford a pacc of ramen noodles on dat iPhone 2gs accessories peddln salary..and I can go on but why 4..? Cuz @ da end of da fuccn millenium u still gon b da same self hatn wanna b wigga broke loser ass faggot dat u were b4 I started dis rant..so it is what it is..o and by da way DA
    U mad..? Get furious (c) Kdot

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