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The Kid Daytona & DJ Ozone ft. GLC – Like This

Second leak off The Kid Daytona and DJ Ozone’s forthcoming project Runnin With The Bulls.

Previously: DJ Ozone ft. The Kid Daytona – No Reason

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4 Responses to “The Kid Daytona & DJ Ozone ft. GLC – Like This”

  1. cOLD Says:

    Ar-ab gives transparency a whole new meaning.

  2. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Watched one Ar-Ab vid (the one where he high as a kite off w/e) couldnt do it no longer, his 50 seconds of hip-hop fame has ended.

    Good luck tho!

    ^nah lol hes what hiphop needs a bumbling fool who talk to much smh

    his 40 min melts>>>>>>any of his raps

    and he obviously is a junhkie high off percs and lean etc

  3. cOLD Says:

    roffle nigga said the “get indicted hotline”…

  4. cOLD Says:

    somebody finna sign Ar….

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