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Obie Trice – Pocket Full (Biggie Tribute)

It’s March 9th, so you know what that means.

Props: XZone

Previously: Obie Trice – No Disrespect

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12 Responses to “Obie Trice – Pocket Full (Biggie Tribute)”

  1. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    RIP BIG!

    rest in piss, chea.

  2. das Says:

    ‘Riff Raff Freestyles For 10 Minutes & Breaks His Chain When He’s Done!’


    Lol. RiFF the GOAT.

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    tre piece set is perfect mornin music

    championship audio at its purest form

    best 3 songs ever put together in the history of sound

    im finna get the morning procedures proceeding

    scrollin thru last night threads

    its like readin a mornin paper

    you lil fucks are highly entertaining and I appluad you for that

    I see yall

    your all visible

    however I must say I am disgusted at the level of cotton displayed

    niggas runnin round literally scared litterally in fear for their analog life over some digital shit

    you kiddin me or what?


    go to church or get a dog

    scary ass niggas

  4. French Kevin Says:

    “.click the FL Studios logo on ya desktop…..Once it’s highlighted in blue….Press Ctrl + D in unison….”

    lol @ justin who stayed up all night trying to ether me.

    Talking about controlling D

    You’re a fucking faggot bro

    The only D you control is when ya best jawn put his d in ya jaw you dishonorably discharged black dolemite dick holding douchebag.

  5. French Kevin Says:

    The wife took the kid to lunch, it’s 75 degrees out, saturday noon. My boys at the beach with a bunch of hoes, I got 13 missed texts from people telling me to come through. My homie Buzz even has molly left over from last night.

    Fuck it, we ball.

  6. TruthSerum Says:

    Yung CTRL + D…..You aint delete that garbage and put it in the recycle bin…..Look at chu…..An ostracized cracker lost n’ lonely……Nah, bro direct ya faggotry at yaself…..You european, you sick pale faced devils BEEN fucking eachother in the ass, word to the Greeks…..Ya cracker ass fucking peckerwood people BIRTHED homosexuality…..You a descendent of a weak and inferior race, rhythm doesn’t come naturally for YOUR people…..YOU need lessons upon lessons on how to do a simple 2 step……Soooooo….programming a beat should be like rocket science for YOU…..You FRENCH……the most pussiest european nationality to be…..The English HATE yall…..Russians wanna take over ya pathetic ass country….And the Dutch don’t even acknowledge YOU……Your country so PUSSY it backed outta the war against terrorism and Osama…..Yall French Fry fuck boys BEEN suspect from day one….Non-confrontational PUSSIES……Thas’ why the English slaughtered y’all and took over the land y’all discovered here in the US…….French Kiss, you a tart lil’ fuck ass faggot…..How did you discover this bog, hoe……????….You n’ Holiday Skirt belong together…..Butt Buddies 4 Life…..Talmbout you married…..Nah,right…..But you upping wack ass free beats 24/7 w/ NO real empolyment lined up….Faggot ass CRACKER, you live in ya Moms house in Bordeaux, pussy…..Wigga you should be shot for touching that MPC…..Fucking up beats like its cool……0 FRIENDS on sound cloud…….ZERO, bro……I’ve been watching you desperately spam ya bullshit…..NOBODY likes it……Deal w/ it…..Get a real fucking job, you cock sucking cracker…..Leave that Hip Hop shit to the black folk……We don’t need ya blue-eyed Devilish help…..Keep them Dean Martin sampled trash bags to yaself and that recycle bin on ya desktop…..ZERO FRIENDS…..lol……You fucking suck at making beats, bro……Job application time now……CVS…..Mickey D’s……UPS…..They’re all hiring…..


  7. ayo Says:

    Thats all folks

  8. Casket Face Says:

    Obie Trice – Pocket Full (Biggie Tribute)

    …nice attempt but all this Shady allumni sound like they’re stuck in 2000-03
    update your style fam, I believe in you.

    s/o to my Schoolcraft peoples ;)

  9. Casket Face Says:

    $300 Fillet mignon >>>>

    I need this life EVERY NIGHT …sipping riesling looking at the city from a suite like this whole shit could be mines.

    I think this is the motive for 2013, I promised I was gonna live …but NOW I’m obsessed with LIVING FOR REAL FOR REAL.

    I needs funds to ball this hard everyday…therefore I gotta get it.

    enjoy yall weekend.

  10. AFGun Says:

    obie? really? that’s the nigga doin a tribute? this nigga goes MIA then returns with a tribute. someone should do a tribute to him, he been missing so long. anyway, rappers tryina profit off biggie’s death anniversary can eat a BIG dick

  11. A-1 Says:

    Cuz da greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th (c)an-I-bus (paws)..RIP 2 BIG (1 of) da best whoeva did it…

  12. b Says:

    I laughed @ holiday skirt

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