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Video: Kanye West Rant @ Heineken Music Hall In Amsterdam

During tonight’s show in Amsterdam, Kanye West went on yet another rant. This time he talks about brands and creativity.

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8 Responses to “Video: Kanye West Rant @ Heineken Music Hall In Amsterdam”

  1. Honey Lips Louis Says:

    This rant shit is gay. STFU nigga.

  2. Mr Smiff Says:

    Kanye Cobain

  3. Mag Says:

    How come eskay don’t give this nigga the Curtis “work” already.

    He beggin for it.

  4. Honey Lips Louis Says:




    Flocka has a red-headed brother.

    Who raps.

    Who can make this shit up.

  5. why? Says:

    No sign watching videos of Kanye screaming and going super saiyan.

  6. TruthSerum Says:

    Gooch n’ Scooter aint dissapoint w/ Free Bricks 2….I fuck w/ the 1st one, was bumping that shit yesterday…..But….This one right here, tho…..GuWop got 2 mix tapes in my top 5 of 2013 already….TG II n’ FB II…Then FBG: The Movie….n’ New Jet City…5th one debatable….Wanna say God Willin’….But I dunno, man….That shit was dope, tho….waiting on that Sho-Nuff vid w/ JR Smith popping shit in the back….BrickSquad gunning fo’ dat crown….Respect the work ethic…..Kanye bugging…..release sum NEW music, nigga….Quit screaming n’ get yo ass back in the lab, fool…..Zaytoven…..Most underrated producer in the game….If you a street rapper and aint gotta Zay beat….I can’t rock w/ chu’ lil’ homie…..#2Cents


  7. And The Winner Is... Says:

    Good For You

  8. AFGun Says:

    only bitches bitch

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