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Lore’l ft. Bad Lucc & Vado – Everyday (Remix)

Bad Lucc and Vado jump on the official remix of Lore’l’ single ‘Everyday’.

Previously: Vado – V-Day EP

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12 Responses to “Lore’l ft. Bad Lucc & Vado – Everyday (Remix)”

  1. Jocelyn Waldron Says:

    Kevin, this is your auntie speaking. I would greatly appreciate it if you cease your commenting beefs and scrub the bathrooms – they have not been cleaned since Thursday. Thank you, Kevin. I appreciate it.

  2. cOLD Says:

    this girl can rap.

  3. das Says:


    *Lurks harder*

  4. das Says:

    No homo tho.

  5. HolidayKirk Says:

    Lol I mean obviously. That said you cant equate a lottery winner to Paris Hilton or Prince Harry or whatever. Its not the same kinda luck. Anybody who worked their whole lives would understand the value of 200 mill. Whether ot was won or earned.


    Paris Hilton and Prince Harry have even less of an understanding of the value of money because no matter what they do their will always be more. I bet Hov is pullin his hair out trying to figure out how to impart his daughter with this wisdom.

  6. French Kevin Says:


  7. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    muslim vs muslim??

    how original

    > shias & sunnis don’t see eye to eye.

    this ain about that tho. this dude chea took a question i had to the hijab.

    i’m not above lifting his veil if he wanna take it personal.

    i read the qur’an daily. therefore…archives is obsolete. ima let him dig tho.

    *grips up*

  8. cOLD Says:

    lol… say word, she sound like Scarlette from the Nas Streets Disciple.

  9. S.I.C.K Says:

    The makeup job is spoiling it for me.I HATE foundation on a broad.A lil eye pencil/mascara and some lip gloss will do the trick.Unless you got a broad with “stone ish” facial features.

  10. French Kevin Says:

    New comical song


    If you don’t agree with AshkaNAZI zionists, this is for you.

  11. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    how convenient you mask up as a female after i said ya hijab got you aggy, ahk.

    it’s fitting tho after all ya affinity for anal sex.

    you do know thas outlawed in Islam, right?

    fall on ya sword, commenting homo.

  12. cOLD Says:

    this beat kinda go hard…

    like pulling the blicky in a dark alley hard.
    like letting off the ratchet through the sun roof just for reck
    like comming through customs with a bag fulla xanny’s, and two popped to melt away the apprehension.

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