Video: Lil Wayne ft. Future & Drake – Love Me

MTV is on their bullshit with this premiere, so if the above clip doesn’t work, watch it here (unless you’re outside the U.S. in which case you’re SOL).

Previously: Lil Wayne ft. Future & Drake – Love Me (Behind The Scenes)

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7 Responses to “Video: Lil Wayne ft. Future & Drake – Love Me”

  1. b Says:

    “Im on dat good reggie and alcohol
    Dont got no grown bishes I can call
    I dont know what I would do without Nah
    Im goin fail till the day I fall…

    Long as dem chilren luv me
    I could give a fukk bout any women
    Long as dem chilren luv me(dem chilren luv me)”

  2. The Shot Clock Says:

    crazy how demonic rap’s become. u dont hardly see no fun videos anymore..maybe thats a sign of the times

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    2.3 cant even buy 5 pharell beats at his goin rate

  4. hugh hef Says:

    Shout out to the Welfare Queens and the Welfare Monkeys..

    I wake up early and go to work, and you people are lazy and sit on your ass.

  5. Casket Face Says:

    Ryan Leslie bodied the whole collective when it comes to wifey though…that man is WINNING.

  6. Gob Bluth Says:

    ryan leslie lifestyle 2.3 will,prolly suport him for 18 months

    that aint,no fuckin money


    nah, don’t be fooled by the hired bentleys & private jets in his videos

    that nigga is prolly mad frugal, fact that he even has 2,3 stashed proves he ain spendin money like that, lets be real his last real hit was “you be killin em”

  7. b-ease Says:

    This song is my shit. But this visual is all types of off.

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