Video: Ghostface Insists DOOMSTARKS LP Still Dropping

Word, I understand it’s going to drop the same day as Detox.

Seriously though, that’s cool and all, but I had forgot this project even existed. I think I speak for everybody when I say, we will believe this when we hear it.

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6 Responses to “Video: Ghostface Insists DOOMSTARKS LP Still Dropping”

  1. Latarian Milton Says:

    b Says:
    February 14th, 2013 at 11:39 am
    No homo, caught the softee saturday night wit this bitch that I kinda like smh. Worst part is, she knows this duecey joint I smashed a lil while ago. I must be numero uno on her wack nigga list smh. No more got damn naomi. I think it might be a wrap, Ima regroup and strategize.

    Now ima be alone on valentines day


    Niggas masks is releasing songs now.

    Musical ether.

  2. hugh hef Says:

    R les for prez
    loso his running mate

  3. Latarian Milton Says:

    Video: Lil Wayne ft. Future & Drake – Love Me


    Hahahahahaha Weezy got them devil horns…smh. I respek the art though

  4. rajon trondo Says:

    *Obligatory stannery comment*

  5. b Says:

    Bitch told me she coming through the other night so I had a nice bottle of 1800 coconut on deck, I had a guiness with peanuts and popped one of those pro-zen pills,why the bitch was a no show smh.

  6. hugh hef Says:


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