French Montana ft. Nicki Minaj – Freaks (CDQ/No Tags)

French Montana releases his new Nicki Minaj assisted single “Freaks”. His new album Excuse My French drops May 21st. nation edit: This leaked earlier with “Property of Bad Boy” tags all over it which forced his label drop this.

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13 Responses to “French Montana ft. Nicki Minaj – Freaks (CDQ/No Tags)”

  1. Mack Martinez Says:

    Nicki tho >>>>>>>

  2. Mack Martinez Says:

    If French sells, he’s gonna bring New York back *snickers*

  3. jderrida Says:

    Co Nicki’s assets and ample tiddy meats being >>>

    French fucked his buzz up

    Should have released the album after Pop That dropped

  4. AFGun Says:

    wow.. this is a really wack song. even for french

  5. b Says:

    This shorty just gave it a go

  6. Jackson7 Says:

    French Montana BEEN wack

  7. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Should have released the album after Pop That dropped


  8. oh4werd Says:

    cosign Mitch Hedberg, DL Hughley

    cosign Riff Raff…i hated him before but he’s an entertainer.

    Hologram Panda>>>>>>

    Asher Roth is decent, he can rap but the personality is kinda lost at this point.

  9. oh4werd Says:

    cosign NOT listening to French songs or jus skipping to the features.

  10. Jackson7 Says:

    •daps free j•

  11. oh4werd Says:

    *daps J7*

  12. jderrida Says:

    *Daps J7*

    Knicks playing well this year.

    Teams looks like they’ll lose in the second round like a respectable so so team should.

  13. Ted DiBiase Says:

    This is an XL wackjuice. French used to be a good terrible like Jim Jones now he’s just terrible like everyone else.

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