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DMX Arrested in South Carolina

There was a point in my blogging career where X was getting arrested so frequently, that a new arrest didn’t even warrant a post or even an acknowledgement. X getting cuffed was one of those things you just expected to happen like the Sun rising or the tide coming in.

According to the AP, Earl was picked up early this morning in South Carolina for driving without a license.

Authorities say the 42-year-old, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was arrested at 1 a.m. Wednesday after an officer saw him at a gas station in Greer. Simmons already faced several charges of driving without a license, so deputies say an officer pulled him over after watching Simmons leave a gas station, get into a car and drive away.

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7 Responses to “DMX Arrested in South Carolina”

  1. S.I.C.K Says:


    See where”vice”life leads you?

    Too many addicts/fake thugs/homos/weirdos in hip hop..damn shame what happened to my culture.

    I actually live this culture,and have been living it for 20 years easy.

    Bitch niggas wake up in the morning saying “I wanna be a rapper/beatsmith”

    These same niggas wanted to just be down or carry records or was busting dance steps.smh

    *rant over*

  2. Plug Says:

    is this whats hot in harlem?


  3. ayo Says:

    The dog needs himself a legit fake id so he can drive in peace

  4. jderrida Says:



    This must be a photoshoot or sum cause if this chick be dressing like that while she worksout, she is just asking to be hit over the head with a dumbell, dragged to a quiet corner maybe the bathroom, and be somebodys girl for the next couple minutes


    Or she is dressed that way to pose for a photo shoot…

  5. jderrida Says:

    See where”vice”life leads you?


    Dogs can’t handle hard drugs and fast women tho…

  6. AFGun Says:

    x is a target. they got him in and out of jail and doped up. then when he snaps its gona look like it was all his own doing. niggaz like him always gettin murked for what they represent. dont forget what happened to micheal jackson and pac, just to name a couple. dmx is cut from that same cloth

  7. AFGun Says:


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