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Video: DaVinci – Nothin Finna Stop Me

The Bay Area’s DaVinci reboots for the new year with another visual from his project The MOEna Lisa.

Previously: DaVinci – In My City (Video)

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5 Responses to “Video: DaVinci – Nothin Finna Stop Me”

  1. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    A bitch education level is irrelevant to u gettin puss

    suburban college educated bitches is still bitches they still wanna win

    I dont care if da bitch dropped outta 6th grade or got a phd she respects the iszm

    the glow universal

    a bitch from any socio economic status and/or race gon respect the iszm

    niggas need to diversify they puss portfolio if all da bitches n ya phone from the burbs

    the suburbs r dead and have 0 glow

    only thing good bout da burbs is the 30 plus year old milfs n velour sweat suits

    diverisfy yourself

    all ya bitch from da burbs bcuz u operate in safe non confrotational circles

    my circles vary

    I could be eaten haute cuisine discussin market volatility n ways to

    hedge an incompetent fiscal policy wit some blue bloods u never heard of

    then in the same 3 hrs be in norf smokin loud outfront the papi
    sore chhoppin it up wit niggas dat a knock the crust off ya pizza for a gucci belt

    diverisfy yourself

  2. Harlem World: My hoe$ they do drug$ Says:

    if ya girl went to college

    she def doubled or tripled the amount of dizzicks on her jacket

    especially if she was from a small quiet town

  3. Gob Bluth Says:

    college /suburb chick gem is a sad reality. Reminds me of this one fine ass hood chick I know. the drama is too obvious, and niggs clown me for not taking the risk. shit I clown myself smh…but I dont need drama


    I’m sayin

    I ain about that working at 7/11, 2 baby daddy’s life

    sure i might try to one night if she got an ass like Maliah but that’s where it stops

  4. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    ya life to safe lil buddy

  5. brolic fonts Says:

    just to be clear, we generalizing.

    *college/suburb/got some kinda ambition

    Im grew up in the hood too, fwiw

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