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Video: Mr. Green ft. Freddie Gibbs & Espiritu Andino – Peruvian Pipes (Live From The Streets)

For the first episode of the second “season” of Mr. Green and Noisey’s Live From the Streets, Green samples Peruvian pipe band Espiritu Andino, grabs a quick effect from street performers Wanted Techniques and hits the studio with Freddie Gibbs. Amazing.

Previously: Mr. Green’s “Live From the Streets” Season 2 Trailer w/ Action Bronson, Freddie Gibbs & R.A. The Rugged Man | Mr. Green ft. Edwin De La Rosa, Taylor Fleming, Pace Won & Vinnie Paz – Bikes Make Crazy Sounds (Live From the Streets)

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20 Responses to “Video: Mr. Green ft. Freddie Gibbs & Espiritu Andino – Peruvian Pipes (Live From The Streets)”

  1. The Architek Says:

    What makes the Jones-Vampire thing so stupid is that the concept is completely arbitrary.

    You look at Jet Life and get it because Currensy is always high, but wtf does a vampire have to do with Jim Jones?

  2. Black Says:

    Media gon’ crucify him


    Their already going at his manifesto like it doesnt make sense. That nigga is definitely drawin for going the route of killing people that aint have shit to do with it but I felt he explained the shit pretty well.

  3. TruthSerum Says:

    S/O to the Big Homie Chris Dorner…..Ex-Navy Reservist….I’m conflicted about the loss of innocent lives…..BUT…..LAPD corrupt as fuck…..This a case of the Chickens coming home to roost….Law Enforcement getting merk’d off by their OWN tactics n’ training…..Sad that girl had to lose her life, tho….Homeboy got dem crackers shook at Big Bear…..Hopefully he made it to Mexico….Daygo was on lockdown cuz of the Big Homie…..Media gon’ crucify him…..But…..REAL niggaz KNOW….Shit gotta change….Blood MUST be spilled, skrait up…..Thank God for that Sniper training, boy….I tell you…..


  4. Mack Martinez Says:

    Problem a lot of people don’t realize is that America has a remarkable ability to keep soldiers alive that they never were able to keep alive back in the Vietnam era.

    In the Vietnam era a lot of soldiers who sustained injuries that we would consider minor today, perished.

    And then a lot of them that had mental issues bodied themselves, sadly, because there wasn’t adequate mental health care at the time.

    Now that we have is soldiers coming back injured, angry, depressed, anxiety ridden, severe post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc.

    Lots of these cats taking cocktails of 6 or 7 pills every morning just to get their head right.

    Shit is beyond scary because they live among us and could snap like this dude in LA.

    SMH at Uncle Sam for sending out toy soldiers to war zones and then letting them lil niggas come back crazy as a shithouse rat and then letting them mix right back into society.

    And them niggas got combat training too.

    Highly combustible mix.

    We have no idea how this is going to fuck up our society in the next 10-15 years but my prediction is that it will be very severe.

  5. Casket Face Says:

    I died when he called Sookie Stackhouse “SU-KEY” …when it’s “SUH-KEY”

    We live that Vampire Life “SU-KEY”! – Jones

  6. TruthSerum Says:

    LAPD swiss-cheesing innocent bystanders vehicles aint gon’ help they public image out too tuff…..My man got Cali in the palm of his hand…..We watching Big Homie…


  7. Gob Bluth Says:

    Niggas saw Taylor Gang, Jet Life, and Nicki’s Barbz and felt that was the type shit you should ride. Difference is all dem niggas young or at least viewed as young.

    Jones comes off with the creepy pedo vibe telling the youth to get down with this Vampire Life shit.


    wasn’t he beefin with that Azealia chick over that shit ?


  8. French Kevin Says:

    Chris Dorner >>>> Suge Knight

  9. b Says:


    ^Truth serum swag

  10. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    the turn gon be so heavy tonight

    im talmbout cool liberal sluts

    sexual revolutionaries

    a smorgsaboard of drugs on the table

    The coke thats for her

    the triple stack e pills wit dolphins on em fuck a molly

    thats for us

    the loud dats automatic

  11. Casket Face Says:


  12. TruthSerum Says:

    Yeah…..The girl was the daughter of the Police Chief who wronged him…..She was inadvertently involved in it by blood…..BUT she still was innocent, tho, and her n her BF aint hafta go out like that…..But….Hey, it got the WORLDS attention….reading his manifesto….Dawg LAPD BEEN corrupt since the Rampart days till now……This is deeper than just a mindless homicide…..My man gotta cause that a lotta ppl in LA kinda agree w/….Maybe not his methods…..but the idea of LAPD having to suffer BEEN on folks minds….Especially ppl of color, bro….S/O 2 the homie….He military trained…so he good…


  13. Mack Martinez Says:

    My homie was a sniper in Iraq.

    To stay awake, they dipped Folger’s Crystals in their cheek like tobacco.

    And then just swallow it bit by bit [ll].

    No water so they don’t have to move around and piss – just skrate caffeine.

    72 hours no sleep.

    Standing then crouching then standing on a rooftop waiting to take out a target.

    Pop the dude then get the hell out of dodge.

    To this day the nigga ain een close to normal.

    Got that crazy twitchy eye like shit’s sweet but if need be he will bring a semi to work and chop the bitch up.

  14. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    yall too concerned wit safety

    niggas is conservative

    ya audio aint right

    ya visual aint right

  15. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Anyone ever see that movie Rampage?

  16. Gob Bluth Says:

    You’ll make one hell of a president in 2016. Much like your husband, Bill, you will be one of the greatest. Look at Castro in San Antonio as a running mate or possible secretary of state. He’s (good people) and I have faith and confidence in him. Look after Bill. He was always my favorite President. Chelsea grew up to be one hell of an attractive woman. No disrespect to her husband


    This manifesto >>>>>>>>>>

  17. TruthSerum Says:

    Yeah….Chea….YOU….should be worried….lol….Nah, yo, niggaz come back and are disappointed in what they fought for….Ppl don’t enlist to fight for AMERICA….they fighting for they family thats impoverished or the idea of a better life than what they once knew….when they return back into civilian society they are let down by the laziness and carelessness of YALL…..Lot of y’all take ya freedoms for granted and waste ’em on BULLSHIT…..People serve them years looking forward to returning back to they fam n friends to find out that they have changed whereas they fam n friends are still the same 10 yrs later….Shit be disappointing…..You telling ya homie about hoes from Lisbon , Portugal….He telling you about ya Junior High School crush like she a supermodel or sum thin…….Lotta grey area arises w/ them years of separation….Sum are ticking time bombs…..sum just are not moved by the hyper-sensitivity of the civilian world…..


  18. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    being a despinsable pawn for the neo colonial empire thats america

    gettin psycologically fucked up

    being bamboozled lied to sent half way across the world to fight for a lie?

    for some blue.blood crackas that wouldnt even send they own sons over

    thats some sucka shit

  19. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    I ratha get it off da muscle

    n keep my integrity

    fuck a uncle sam sponsorship

  20. Gob Bluth Says:

    I could never serve in the army what for ??

    we live in a world where people like the Kardashians become millionaires over night for topping off niggas on tape

    You want me to risk my life & sanity to preserve that ? lolsmh

    I’m out for self, Bush, Rumsfeld & all them niggas are kicking back in mansions spending that Haliburton divident, they could care less about any of this shit

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