Paris 96 (Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III) – Afternoon

Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III are teaming up for a joint EP and will be going by the name Paris 96. Here is their first offering from the project.

Props: Complex

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6 Responses to “Paris 96 (Theophilus London & Jesse Boykins III) – Afternoon”

  1. Mack Martinez Says:

    booboo been washed up

  2. Plug Says:

    you gotta listen to that 50 knoddin ya head to the beat wit the ugly face

  3. TruthSerum Says:

    I aint saying abolish the courts and police….But I do cosign violence w/ a cause against THEM, tho….The way they operate was based on a righteous ideal….But its been soiled by years of innocent bloodshed….So if retribution is exacted on THEM….I aint shedding not 1 muthafuckin’ tear…..Destroy n’ Rebuild shit, b….It’s how this country was started in the 1st place….That Blue wall of silence need to be shattered if they want my respect…


  4. Plug Says:

    Co-sign going for delf and saving enuf money for an army bunker with thousands of cans of tuna, vitamin c pills, bottled water, a TV and all the episodes of breaking bad.

    Let humanity self destruct on land and when you run out of food, poke your head out and see if shit’s calmed down so you can find some more.

    word to the asteroid thats changing weather patterns and human and animal emotions as we speak

    and dont act like yall ait heard about it on the news

    thats closer than orbiting satilites

    the end is nigh

  5. Plug Says:

    most asteroids dont even roll dolo

    its usually a stream of them shyts

    all big as football fields

    every day they say the trajectory is a little closer than they thought the previous day

    by the 15th, theyll say its gonna slash down in the atlantic ocean


    you thought the weather over there in the past 6 months is a coincidence

    the biggest hurricane and the biggest snowstorm in history?

    maaaaaaan stay close

  6. Casket Face Says:

    If all this colorful pop a molly bullshit about to be over.

    Kids getting hemmed up in their leather jackets with no shirt on underneath getting punch in the face and their iPhones 5’s

    New York goes back 90’s 2000’s era cultural wise pre-Gulliani … 50 will be ahead of the curve.

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