Boldy James ft. Peechie Green – Come Here

Boldy has been relatively quiet for the past couple of months, but today he announces a new EP called Grand Quarters that he’ll be dropping on March 5th through DECON. The 6-track EP will serve as a warm-up for his full length debut which will be produced entirely by Alchemist and is slated to drop later this year. Check out the first leak from Grand Quarters below.

Grand Quarters Tracklist:

1. One Of One
2. For The Birds
4. Getting Flicked
5. Come Here feat. Peechie Green
6. I Can Pull It Off feat. Poppy Bricks and Kevo Da Kid

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51 Responses to “Boldy James ft. Peechie Green – Come Here”

  1. Plug Says:

    The problem, though: those renters is careless as shit.

    Never feel ‘ownership’ over the house.

    They literally fuck everything up.

    Fuck up the toilets, tear the towel rods down, everything.

    They never owned anything in life so everything is ‘temporary’.

    If you got Section 8 joints you gotta make it a little like prison to where nothing can be easily broken.

    Bars on the windows and shit lolol

    I remember the fam had a crib we was renting

    dude wasnt payin

    this is before I knew about evicting ninjas

    dude was behind and got broady with moms

    I went over there

    kicked the door in

    he wasnt there

    dude had punched holes in the walls like a retard

    yup… and he broke the toilets

    I changed the locks and everything

    the next day I drove pass there

    ole boy was back in there lookin out the window

    who knew youhad to actually take him to court

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