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Donwill ft. STS – Hi!

Donwill of Tanya Morgan emancipates a collaboration with STS that’s been marinating for some time.

He says about the cut:

I’ve been wanting to share this for a while but haven’t, for reasons. The beat is from the same batch that spawned “It’s Just Us” (Nitty Scott MC) and “December 27th” (Don Cusack In High Fidelity) and the song has been shuffled around from (shelved) project to (unfinished) project to (pushed back) project. I honestly just got tired of holding on to it and as a result you are the benefactor so click play and enjoy.

Donwill via Meka

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8 Responses to “Donwill ft. STS – Hi!”

  1. BoofSeamen Says:

    looking cloudier for Rozay by the day … “we don’t want you to think you’re actually a rapper” lol

  2. French Kevin Says:


    Write me a hook bruh

  3. TruthSerum Says:


    eskay ‏@nahright
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    chea 1980 ‏@AUTRGS
    Wifey just took my son to the doc cuz he got bumps on his mouth – come to find out he got herpes! Kid got more STDs than me! Play on playa!
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    chea 1980 ‏@AUTRGS
    I’m tweeting on the 8 bus and cats is peeping my screen. Gimmie space yo. Stop smelling me. Pause.
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  4. BoofSeamen Says:

    TruthSerum Says:
    February 6th, 2013 at 12:25 pm


    i’m not chea – don’t confuse me with that faggot

  5. BoofSeamen Says:

    You can forget about doing any tours or CD signings.


    uncle luke hella tight

    rozay probably doing shows as we speak

    crab in a barrel ass nigga

    ‘all these ol niggas tryina advance’

    – booboo

  6. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    erryday i wake i thank god for this life of mine

    trill shit

    i thank god for giving me the wisdom for choosing this live i live

    live is what YOU make it

    you live the life you CHOOSE to live

  7. French Kevin Says:

    Being from Florida I know a couple dudes that have been in contact wth Rozay, and both dudes told me how fucking annoying the guy is. Just over the top trying way too hard to be gangsta and hood. They told me the guy won’t keep his fucking mouth shut for a minute. He’s always talking about his and what he does even when nobody asks. He’s the annoying fat kid with no friends that 24/7 desperately needs attention.

  8. King James Says:

    Happy retirement Donald Driver!

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