Video: Problem and Dr. Dre In The Studio

Dr. Dre continues showing love to up and coming Compton artists, with the next one on his radar being Problem. The turn up is real.

Previously: Problem ft. Gunplay & Trinidad Jame$ – My Last Molly Song Ever, I Promise

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11 Responses to “Video: Problem and Dr. Dre In The Studio”

  1. General Glamour Says:

    Captain Planet tried to warn yall

    But yall ain’t hear him tho

    This makes the Kid Frankie vs B 6 month battle look like Primetime television

    Never thought I’d miss that

  2. TruthSerum Says:

    F DUDES MAY BE! Says:
    February 5th, 2013 at 2:25 pm
    find 1 piece of REAL LIFE factual ether on Trill Clinton

    it dont exist


    Frankie…..ya son son acting out again….Okay WHO remembers the FUPM vs. Frankie battle he LOST horribly….WHO remembers the Sun Moon & Stars rants by Yung Telescope…..WHO remembers the pic of that chick he stole from TUMBLR….WHO remembers the TINYPIC debacle…..Everyone from Frankie to Cold upped a tiny pic stunting…..YOU…..disappeared and just NOW reappeared after about a 3mo hiatus….Yung L……You entered this c-section game w/ an L over ya forehead, fool…Are.YOU.Serious……NOBODY fucks w/ chu’….Cracker ass wanna-be down WIGGER….


  3. General Glamour Says:

    Who the fuck co-signed this guy

    His comments have no swag

    No wit

    No jokes

    No artistry

    He’s a waste of white space desperate for the acknowledgment he’s lacking in his real life

    He’s a cornball on and offline

    ” Analog n Digital ” – FUPM

  4. TruthSerum Says:


    A Faggot was ya butt buddy this morning conseling YOU….AND…..YOU took that faggots advice…..FACTS upon FACTS…..Yung L


  5. TruthSerum Says:


    Me…..Thas’ who….I’m 2hrs away in LA, you pink bandana All MALE gangbanger….pop off!!!! Pussy ass COWARD, you another LYING ass fuck ass Faggot….Smack the Dwarf Goat Milk out ya fuck ass…..Bet you got ya bottom lip tatted PINK, faggot….


  6. TruthSerum Says:


    YOU….were tag teaming w/ an openly HOMOSEXUAL MALE COMMENTER….this is FACT and yet another L among your endless lists of LOSSES….lol….He MAAAADDDDDDD….I.OWN.YOUR.SOUL.


  7. TruthSerum Says:

    His BFF online is an OPENLY GAY MALE….I.Can’t.Make.Dis.Shit.Up….You were chopping it up w/ a FAGGOT…..OPENLY…..and….You talmbout ME…..#IRONY


  8. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    he talbmout faggots

    but he on youtube talkin bout suckin dick

    how ed suggs husband put it

    iron knee


  9. b Says:

    No wit

    No jokes

    No artistry

    ^”its ironic….”

  10. HolidayKirk Says:

    Hahahahaha wait a second, Truth actually filmed himself saying I’ll suck a straight cock for gay hip hop? And now he’s here trying to ether dudes? foh, you and HoligaySquirt


    How about Holdadick Jerkaguyoff? That ones free.

  11. AFGun Says:

    sounds like trash. dre been finished. he hasnt put out a hot beat since 06

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