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Action Bronson – Strictly 4 My Jeeps (Prod. by Harry Fraud)

Now my beard like Uday and Qusay, play the pool on a cool day

Bronson and Fraud connect for a new loosie inspired by EPMD’s “Rampage”.

Props: DJ Enuff

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14 Responses to “Action Bronson – Strictly 4 My Jeeps (Prod. by Harry Fraud)”

  1. rex hussla Says:

    I hated this Bronson dude at first, but dude has grown on me [ll]

    Especially Rare Chandeliers…somebody has to do grimy underground shit.

  2. ayo Says:

    Nigga got a domestic violence charge

    You aint bustin no shots if you stuck around the scene of the crime waitin for the police

    Belee dat

  3. ayo Says:


    Granted he may have middlemanned a few packs


    Nah, I dont buy it. You rich and famous and you will risk it all for a couple geez. You have a face to easy to trace and can be set up at any moment. You supposed to be a boss at that level and have so many layers that it can be traced back to you. But these niggas talkin bout they deal with it firsthand. I call bullshit on this nigga. You aint pushin no weight man

  4. ayo Says:

    *cant be traced

  5. Gob Bluth Says:

    RIP Truthserum, smh

  6. French Kevin Says:

    Fired my new pistols at the range today….the compact xd-40 is cool, the .380 ruger is cool, but man, nothing fucks with the 1911. What a beauty.

    I would not want to be the dumb motherfucker that breaks into my house.

  7. Gob Bluth Says:

    MMG is the human version of the wanksta instrumental


    Ross gets as much love as hate , wins as much as he loses

  8. das Says:

    Bronson x Harry Fraud >>>

  9. Cashmere Cavalli aka Snowbunny Sampson Says:

    Ross bust his guns tho?

    Next project he drops will be of epic proportions

    No longer does he make audio movies…his shit is a saga

  10. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    Ross > 2Pac

  11. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Nigga got the same Benz Richard porter had.

    *Drives 91 Benz in 2013*
    *Is riding foreign *

    ^i Lol’d tho

  12. Shao Khan Says:

    Ross > 2Pac


  13. Apelincoln Says:

    Action and Fraud should make a tape like rare chandeliers

  14. Uzair Says:

    Bronson reppin Queens hard. Dude got all types of twisted verses!!!

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