Video: Western Tink – Future Look

Off that Comfortable Like A Coogi ona Huxtable EP, out now.

Previously: ZachG ft. Western Tink – Earth Ain’t Free

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5 Responses to “Video: Western Tink – Future Look”

  1. Mack Martinez Says:



  2. Casket Face Says:


    …I was waiting for the bass to kick in, dude about 27 hanging out with white kids so high they don’t know where they are.

    Fuck is this shit?

  3. ROB LOWE Says:

    This song is so awesome! I met tink before he’s a real dude. Props for showing mabel davis skate park. ATX!


    This aint hip hop! Dude did some rock shit lol. I respect this though, only because he did it justice.

  5. dont wrry bout it Says:

    say “casket face” he obviously is at a skate park where people skate. does not necessarily mean those are his friends. you ever leave your room? also, who needs base on a beat this gnary? you’re either 16 or irrelevant

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