Pusha T ft. Wale – Only You Can Tell It

One more leak before we get Wrath Of Caine tomorrow. This time Pusha T links up with MMG’s Wale for “Only You Can Tell It”.

Props: Billboard

Previously: Pusha T Previews New Music w/ French Montana & Wale (Video)

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209 Responses to “Pusha T ft. Wale – Only You Can Tell It”

  1. Hugh hef Says:

    Gunplay and ross ain’t about that life…they victims…

    I don’t care about that 5-1….

    You got your chain snatched….you got your shirt ripped…you got your face mushed on the gate…you got punched and kicked while your down…you got body slammed on the pavement…

    Gunplay lost.

    Either gunplay retaliates or he is pussy.

    “But he on house arrest”
    “But the Feds watching”
    “But it’s 5-1”

    Stop defending that pussy.

  2. Hugh hef Says:

    Mmg ain’t built for street beef.

    Rap before on records and studio gangsta and thugging it out on the mic…yes

    But g-unit got shooters…

    Why you think swizz beatz, dee, wah and ruff Ryder’s backed down…

    Yayo bough them shooters thru…that murked busta rhymes body guard….rip Israel Ramirez…those shots were intended for swizz beatz… But busta rhymes saved him and brought him back to his car…

    At the touch it remix video shoot…yayo was screaming at dee, wah and swizz beatz…those shots were supposed to go swizz beatz and dee and wah from ruff Ryder’s…but busta body guard got in the way

  3. b Says:

    I m retiring, no camel. No mj.

    If u arguing wit any of my sn’s

    Kill yaself

    PS.u will never get rich counting jay z chips

  4. Hugh hef Says:

    Shout out to the unit

    Hip hop is cyclic

    Can’t wait till gangs thug hood ghetto street rap music is back in style

    Tired of drake, kanye, ASAP rocky, j cole, Kendrick lamar

  5. sealsaa Says:

    Matter fact, the turning point of Curtis’ thuggery wasn’t the Ross beef, it was him literally kissing and making up at that press conference with Gayme at the behest of Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy pulled both them niggas skirts that day. Only goon at Interscope is Jimmy, and Suge in his heyday. The rest of them niggas was/is puppets.

  6. King James Says:

    This ain’t no mixtape >>>>>>>>>>>

  7. Tong Po Flo Says:

    They should of use real coke for this cover

  8. das Says:

    Wake up in the morning
    Crank dat 18 wheeler


  9. Casket Face Says:

    Chris Brown why you beating up everybody son?

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