Reks ft. Bishop Lamont – Trust Us

Reks is pushing back his Revolution Cocktail until Fabruary 26th, but he’s giving us a consolation prize:

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One Response to “Reks ft. Bishop Lamont – Trust Us”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    General Glamour Says:
    January 21st, 2013 at 2:51 pm
    Roots are kind Jimmy Fallon’s pets now


    My point exactly …I was at Q-Tip little party and even though I’m small on the food chain I have that kind of personality where people just dap me up and hold a conversation because they see me around.

    Q-Tip had this whole vibe of “why you paying attention to him whitefolk’s, white girls why you dancing with him …you’re suppose to be bowing in greatness at my subpar DJ set”.

    So when I finally had time to say what’s up ..I’m like “Yo Q-Tip, I’m a huge bro appreciate the Tribe, had to show my support and say what’s up”.

    He gave me the coldest ..”aight, that’s it?”.

    Then ?uestlove ole’ wide hip duck wobbling ass come over with the same disposition….

    They though I was somebody, by all the white folks gravitating in my direction and the drunk white girls climbing all on me and shit.

    Their whole vibe changed when I said I’m just a fan enjoying the show….they we’re charging people $50 just to come up and talk to them.

    But these are the heroes teaching this black power shit and soul shit….

    Like I said 2013, I’m about the money and nothing else…fuck being fans, friends, allies, allat. It ain’t like when Lennon could be a fan of Chuck Berry no more. Dudes stopped being about the music YEARS AGO.

    Russell Simmons and Diddy taught me that.

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