Video: Curren$y Records for the New Jet City Mixtape

Spitta in the studio recording a little something for the New Jet City mixtape.

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57 Responses to “Video: Curren$y Records for the New Jet City Mixtape”

  1. cOLD Says:

    TS says: I started this transparency shit. And this the motherfuckin thanks I get?

  2. cOLD Says:

    with that new blue yankee on, who but me

  3. The Architek Says:

    tron vs black acceptance



  4. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    just find it highly entertaining how a mask got silenced.

    > say word…lol.

    TS did that?

  5. The Architek Says:

    kev some mask randomly popped up started getting at TS… he brought up a rather personal experience TS shared on these boards. TS pledged to find out who son was through IP trace…


    Lol It’s probably that little white kid he stopped rockin’ with and bringing toy cars, because of his parents.

  6. 3 chainz!!! Says:

    Bayng Bayng

  7. empire Says:

    how to handle running into an X.

    spur-of-the-moment type ishh.. act like u just seen an old HS friend or walk by like strangers?

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