Future – Mark McGwire & Whip Game (Video)

Future gave DJ Drama the go ahead to leak this new track off his F.B.G. The Movie mixtape.

Hit the jump to check out the video for another joint off the mixtape, “Whip Game”, featuring Mexico Rann and Casino.

Previously: Future ft. Drake – Fo Real (Prod. by MikeWiLLMadeIt)

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86 Responses to “Future – Mark McGwire & Whip Game (Video)”

  1. Captain Planet Says:

    Before I even saw any of that tho

    The father Robbie Parker who lost his daughter Emilie

    He was giving interviews the day after !!!

    How you gonna lose your little girl and be ready to talk to the media ?!?!?

    I am saying I believe it’s not real actually I was more sickened by the lack of empathy of the media in this 24/7 news cycle

    I mean what about telling a nigga ” Hey maybe you need to take a minute and get your thoughts and life together before you talk to us. You just suffered a great loss ”

    Niggas will do anything for ratings and have to entertain niggas 24/7 it’s maddening

    And semi-related it’s fucking up our political system but that’s a different convo

  2. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    America wants to create fear so they the gov has control
    911 was so that they could have access and ppl would by into the privacy big brother act which now they have access to everyone’s information Think “person of interest” “enemy of the state” etc
    Sandy hook is so there could be stricter gun laws etc
    Fear controls ppl


  3. Charles lee ray Says:

    Cp u been a fan
    How can u type wit those pom Pom in ya hands
    Who’s gassin this Africant
    Legend status u don’t have a chance

  4. Captain Planet Says:



    This guy also doesn’t believe in 9/11 and Aurora

    So grain of salt, grain of salt …

  5. Captain Planet Says:

    I ain’t* saying I believe it’s not real

  6. Captain Planet Says:

    Is it true the parents have never seen the bodies ?

    What did they bury then ?

  7. Captain Planet Says:


    You still alive ?
    I thought b stood for bodied
    You be paying for pussy
    And getting jacked for the product

  8. Charles lee ray Says:

    Frankie accurate with that one.no sign him still. He ain’t h dubbin tho.

  9. Captain Planet Says:

    ATL rolling

    Russell better get going

  10. Captain Planet Says:

    Tony Gonzalez is such a great Red Zone target


    All you gotta do is throw it up like an alley oop

  11. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    I’m thinkin TS was/is Bluffin

  12. Captain Planet Says:

    I am semi scared if Government takes more guns

    I mean we got 300 Million of them in circulation

    But if all the military style guns are gone and reg people can’t practice with em

    How would a tyrannical government be stopped in that event ?

    Not saying it’s one now but that was why the 2nd Amendment was created in the first place

    I know what cOLD would say ” It’s too late to take on the govt anyway ”

    LOL that might be true but that doesn’t mean people should give up

  13. Captain Planet Says:

    I ain’t saying nothing to make the Computer Guy upset at all

    I’m already wrapping his Christmas present no homo

  14. Charles lee ray Says:

    My real life >>>> my alleged nah life

    I laughed a few months ago when a nigga copy and pasted one of my melts,I done came up tho.

    Here’s how it works 31 no kids,own crib(fact) good salary ,I’m basically what every bitch wants ,and I KNOW it .so keep reposting my melts,u just ensuring I will never be that nigga again.

  15. Casket Face Says:

    DC >>>>

    ….the women here?!?!?! Educated articulate political black women capable of reall conversation. They one in a million anywhere else, DC has them in abundance I didnt see anything under a 6 thats my word.

  16. Captain Planet Says:

    Oh so now he what a bitch want
    He’s a changed man
    I know what’s up
    He got back together with his right hand

  17. Captain Planet Says:

    On the real tho b

    I’m all about Black Empowerment

    Do your thing boi

    I ain’t mad atcha … (c) Pac

  18. Captain Planet Says:

    I was in DC recently

    I checked out Ben’s Chili Bowl where Bill Cosby and Obama come through

    Shit was delicious

    The DC women were mesmerized by a nigga Cali Swag thats my word

  19. Captain Planet Says:


    Is this game already over ?

    Might be two blowouts today …

  20. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    you kiddin me or what?

    I wouldnt call TS a snitch

    TS is a civilian

    you only deemed as a snitch if your in this thing of ours and dont play by the rules

    co sign ID Theft ether tho

  21. Charles lee ray Says:

    Real nigga shit

    Harlem world is a liar but he wasn’t lying about places you go equal bitches u meet.

    So I’m going to brazilllllllllllllllllllll

  22. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    DC >>>>

    ….the women here?!?!?! Educated articulate political black women capable of reall conversation. They one in a million anywhere else, DC has them in abundance I didnt see anything under a 6 thats my word.

    ^tried to tell niggas


    For a multitude of reasons

  23. Casket Face Says:

    DC that new spot…all my NY’ers can keep Atlantic City on the weekends, I doing DC.

  24. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    i need seattle yo bounce back

    i got 2 grand on you fucks the spread was sea +2.5 they eitha gotta win or lose by less than a field goal

    i got a stack on the new england houston over under

    if i lose the seatle bet i might bet an additional stack on the new england spread

    whats life without the rush of it all?

  25. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Other then Miami….or potentially ATL
    There is no other place east if the Mississippi i would rather live then the DMV
    Lives from pittsburgh to ny to bmore to va/dc metro
    This place is paradise mad diverse
    Plethora of educated career motivated women with own money

    If you on ya g shit they’ll cater to u
    Your almost the prey
    I can only speak from personal exp tho

    Sn: Ethiopian might be goat looks wise habesha women are dimes dont kno if they cross over tho

  26. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    DC got some bad bitches

    but they feminisits

    i dont like that shit

    personally im tired of eastcoast bitches all together

    a nigga need some of dem red bone houston bitches

    or a lil submissive mixed cali bitch

    eastcoast bitches aint feminen enough and the ones that are their feminists

    far as wifey

    i need a submissive bitch that kno her role
    a bitch that a sit n da passenger n wont touch nuttin less i tell her to

    mos eastcoast bitches wan sit n da passenger n touch shit

  27. Captain Planet Says:

    mos eastcoast bitches wan sit n da passenger n touch shit



    Keep going !

  28. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    @Double 0,

    I won’t be back to my hotel until about 7 or so. I have this Siminar out in Alexandria, LA and then I have a lunch meeting with an official from SBA (third carrier provider) that I’ve been trying to get at for a long time. It’s the only reason I’m doing the Siminar. This contract provides a super duper bonus and a hefty contract that will have a lot of people working for a long time.

    I have a tracer running with a looped piggy back. If its one of our own, I’ll mail you. If its a fuck nigga, I’m airing his ass out. I still uphold my moral integrity and I have taken oaths that don’t allow me divulge such matters, so you should already know the fine line I’m walking. Career suicide basically.

    But man, I’ve been so candid and honest on these boards I can’t believe a nigga took it there. So everything I’m about to do is out of retaliatory circumstance.

    And yeah, you’ll be surprised the network solutions I can pull out the fly.

  29. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    southern submissive bitches that can cook clean suck n fuck >

    westcoast bitches that do what you say >

  30. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    if a bitch get in ya passenger n start touchin shit pittin her lil hands on ya console dashboard all on ya wood grain n shit dat bitch aint the one

    u want the bitch thats jus gon sit there n focus all her energy onn lookin sexy as possible

    only thing she should put her hands on is the doob u passin her

    or ya zipper

  31. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    eastcoast bitches aint feminen enough and the ones that are their feminists

    ^this says more about ya Pimpin then da women themselves

    This is more importantly representive of the caliber or class of bitches you fuck wit

    A “woman” is not gonna get in your car and touch shit she already knows that. She’ll also lean over an open your door for you she’s been trained

    Clearly you fuckin w ducks jumps biyches an hoes(as you stated)

    In short fuck wit better bitches an you won’t have them complaints

  32. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Deductive reasoning

  33. Captain Planet Says:

    he’ll also lean over an open your door for you she’s been trained


    Woah !

  34. EnglandRepresent Says:


  35. Jackson7 Says:

    russell wilson is a bad man..

    not only can that little nigga play (drew brees 2.0), but his organic fingerwave tapered haircut is always impeccable nohomo

    seahawks uniforms > any team besides the almighty minnesota vikings

  36. Rajon Trondo Says:

    This game is still somehow boring

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