Video: Nas Interview w/ Angie Martinez

Nas checks in with Angie and they touch on his lack of Grammy “hardware”, his Gap ad with Olu, a CNN writer calling him the “greatest lyricist of all time” and his relationship with Kelis.

Previously: Nas Interview w/ Anthony DeCurtis @ 92Y

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3 Responses to “Video: Nas Interview w/ Angie Martinez”

  1. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    NaS AND Kweli in succession!?!?? What is this, my birthday!!!!

    SN- I seriously can’t stop looking at that Beyonce GQ Cover. OMG, wow. I never really liked her like that but I mean, FOCK!!!!

    That’s not even sexy. It’s beyond that point. That’s something else entirely! Like, legendary.

  2. Tijuana Felix Says:

    they got the same promblem

  3. Sir Fakely Deep Says:

    ^^ that site is satirical

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