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Video: Meek Mill Interview w/ FADER

Meek speaks briefly with FADER about standing out among all of the talented MCs in Philly, touring and not sweating how his music will be received.

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10 Responses to “Video: Meek Mill Interview w/ FADER”

  1. charles lee ray Says:

    Cali natives, (that actually are in the streets at least some of the time)

    What kind of area is stockton? and why they had to kill the homie tall t.

    R I P tawwwwwwwwwwwwlllllll

  2. Harlem World Says:

    g unit philly still exist?

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Vodka > Meek

    philly niggas know

  4. charles lee ray Says:

    tell,fibbs, devoe- POISON

  5. TruthSerum Says:

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  6. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    young insignificant

    your a fuckin nobody

    show u proof?

    you kiddin me or what?

    you think i give a fuck about a nigga that i dont kno n real life believing me or not

    you dont got enough respect from me to prove shit to you lil nigga

    i got more respect for the puddle of sweat n the crotch area of my ball shorts after a few games then you

    i hail from a long lineage of trill stand up guys that got it from the muscle

    from the concrete

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    monogram pouch full of vices

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    2 bitches ready to fulfill all of your sexual desires because they wanna win

    you kno nothing close to that life

    you was a chef n the navy
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    go find anotha dick to ride

  7. charles lee ray Says:

    I played that yellow album more than anything lasy year, summertiiiiiiiiiiiimmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. Captain Planet Says:

    Stockton is in North Cali

    I don’t even wear tall tees no more

  9. Captain Planet Says:

    Pain is finding out you’re poor …

    As the FEDS knock on your door

  10. Captain Planet Says:


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