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Pusha T ft. Rick Ross – Millions

After revealing the artwork earlier today, Pusha T wastes no time in dropping his new collaboration with Rick Ross. Wrath Of Caine mixtape coming soon.

Previously: Mayalino ft. Pusha T – Street Religion

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69 Responses to “Pusha T ft. Rick Ross – Millions”

  1. das racist Says:

    Sans the chorus, this is dope.

  2. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    young melty

    you cant go 24hrs witout my dick ya mouf

    jus like one my lil bitches

    i shoukd throw a skirt on u n put u n da back of a fuckin u haul headed straight for tijuana so u can make me some sock money u little fuck

    my money good n green i got avacado

    ya money dead fuck face you got john doe


    i dont een no what the fuck dat mean

    when did trill clinton ever say his car got repoed fuck u talmbout lil nigga

    u rely on the govt for money

    u will always be below me u little fuck

    i could pay your entire familys bills and ya moms crack habit til lil sasha n maliah get phds u little monkey

    u nothin like me

    what type.nigga make fake twiitters
    bout.niggad he dont kno?

    oh i kno

    a financially inept nigga that wait around for the government to feed his scary ass

    go take a risk

    go get some real money stuid fuck

    keep my dick out ya mouth pussy

  3. das racist Says:

    RapRadar named ‘Finally Rich’ worst album off 2012.


    Lil Reese finna run up on them niggas.

  4. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    RapRadar named ‘Finally Rich’ worst album off 2012.


    Lil Reese finna run up on them niggas.
    Hope he kicks Elliot Wilson head in.

  5. Jackson7 Says:

    *daps CLR, biggumskiller, amp, dasracist*

    *watches Knickerbocker game*

  6. The Shot Clock Says:


  7. zzzz Says:

    tired of these fakes songs..

  8. Jackson7 Says:

    Still lmao at what cassidy did to meek mill

    Greatest 10 minute rap record. Ever

  9. das racist Says:

    *Daps J7*

    This Pusha mixtape could be something special.

    But it probably won’t.

  10. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    fuck andrew bynum and mitch

    he robbed us


  11. Jackson7 Says:

    Galaxy Note II >>>

    ask lebron

    Iphones is overrated gobbage

  12. das racist Says:

    Hope he kicks Elliot Wilson head in.


    One could only dream. (II)

  13. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    the z level rap simps “10 Minutes” > Cass diss

    no keys like a combination lock

    thats such a 2004 bar

  14. Jackson7 Says:

    if it aint a galaxy note Ii or a windows phone 8 or a nokia Lumina, I dont respect it

  15. Jackson7 Says:

    How is shaq a studio analyst nohomo?

    That monotone mumbling shrek is an embarrassment…

    And hes dumber than a bag of sand

  16. Jackson7 Says:

    Fried chicken is the most delicioushest shit ever I swear togod

    Especially with some saralee dinner rolls and 7up with crushed ice and mcdonalds fries

  17. Lex! Says:

    shit wack, c’mon Pusha give us them abstract corner block tales…this shit sound like a Ace Hood throw away single

  18. AFGun Says:

    flex needs a bomb dropped on him

  19. Jackson7 Says:

    Lumia > Lumina

  20. Hugh Hef Says:

    Does anyone listen to the weeknd?

    I feel like im the only one.

    I only fraternize with dudes that smash bitches, do controlled substances, drink liquor/alcohol and listen to the trilogy.

  21. why? Says:

    This was nice minus the snitch obese black chief wiggums.

  22. Jackson7 Says:

    I aint listening to this shit with that fat lying police bamma …

    Im ready for that nigga to have one more good strong 20 minute seizure and be put under the soil

  23. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Does anyone listen to the weeknd?
    Only with bitches to set the mood.
    Other than that. Nah

  24. ayo Says:

    I shut that shit off after Pusha said this shit sound like God dont it. I only lasted 45 seconds

    *insert sad face*

  25. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    do controlled substances
    Ur a knock

  26. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Land what’s good Patna?

  27. B Says:

    Rip Fupm
    Rip Cap’n Faggots
    Rip jihad
    Rip me

  28. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    I’m the biggest 50 fan but I kinda feel sorry for Rick Ross.
    He just wanna rap but you niggas want super thug so he gotta pretend.
    Rick Ross = the game
    Showed up in the wrong era. Nigga coulda been Chubb rock

  29. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    And game coulda been super lover cee or some shit

  30. das racist Says:

    Mindy Kaling >>>

  31. hugh hef Says:

    are dudes on nahright virgins or asexual? do you guys like women at all?

    i talk about the weeknd…you dudes get upset

    the weeknd = barry white/trey songz

  32. Jackson7 Says:

    BEEN told niggas bout my wife mindy Kaling…

    Chea had jokes..called her ugly…

    Niggas is gay b

  33. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    I had da turn it off halfway thou nigga sound like Cookie Monster.fat fuck
    The skeleton to this beat is kanyes can’t tell me nothing

  34. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    You still on here talking that bullshit?
    You remind me of this emo nigga named Rey that used to be on here
    I don’t listen to no white music made after ok computer
    That was the end of the white mans chapter.
    Smarten up pal.

  35. Rob22 Says:

    No sign the note II. Pretty sure my laptop is smaller than that phone.

  36. hugh hef Says:

    ^biggumskiller its 1960 n e more….get over it bruh…move on…you typing like you in the deep south as we speak..

    I am not white….You pumping your fist in the air and acting like Huey P Newton and Fred Hampton

    but you doing it all for nothing…”the man did it to me” stfu

  37. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    If you like mindy kaling google this chick called pooja shah.
    She’s the taller version of mindy kaling without the big legs and behind

  38. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    I am Fred Hampton fuckboy
    My nickname Mudbone Dolomite fool.

  39. hugh hef Says:

    its 2013, Obama is president, be happy, be content, be satisfied. What more do you want bruh.

    Talking about white this, white shit, white bitch….You got Mississippi State of Mind..you got that Louisiana Mentality…Alabama mental…(Roll Tide)

    Get up outta Georgia, Get up outta Tenn.

  40. ayo Says:

    Ayo Fuck the weekend unless its Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

    Im fuckin bitches to Bitch I Deserve You or Baby I like it raw

    So shimmy shimmy ya your ass outta here with that bs

  41. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Mindy kaling pooja shah Padma Lakshmi shobna galati.
    That’s that next level dark skin beauty. Indian untouchable pussy lol

  42. hugh hef Says:

    biggumskiller if you haven’t notice…schools are integrated now…come up north…bruh….yeah MLK dream came true….we all go to schools together now…

    We got interracial dating…we got little rihannas and chris browns running around…i know i know you dont believe it…

    come up nawf

  43. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    1 hr, 7 mins ago

    Iphones is overrated gobbage



    Chill. Apple til the casket dips.

  44. hugh hef Says:

    Biggumskiller still fighting that 1960’s Civil Rights movement in 2013. -.-

    Bruh…you the only dude pumping your fists in the air.

    You the only dude with Che Guevara t-shirt on…You the only dude on that “We need to go back to africa and be kings” type steez..

    Don’t nobody wanna hear that noise…you Nas from Belly…

  45. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Be satisfied? Who is this booker t Washington nigga?
    Only w.e.b du bois nigga allowed when I’m around house nigga
    I’m on some the new negro has no fear shit mane
    Obama is that half nigga
    But fuck being satisfied

  46. hugh hef Says:

    I voted for Obama 2 times…For both terms…get off my back…Yeah I put him in office…now give me that pass..

  47. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    I’d rather be nas from belly than asshole raw from k-y jelly like your weekend listening ass.
    Fall back.

  48. hugh hef Says:

    Real spit…I shouldn’t even have voted for you man the 2nd time…but I obliged….I was gonna go romney…because he was gonna fix up this economy…that boy a Business man….Obama don’t messed this whole shit up…Welfare recipients is up, unemployment up, jobs are going oversees, debt/inflation…Obama fucked this shit up..

    I don’t know why I voted for Obama….maybe because my Paula Patton looking girlfriend convinced and made me vote….she promised me top notch box after the ballot…

  49. TruthSerum Says:

    *Dissection Of A Fuck Boy Pt. II*

    F DUDES MAY ME! Says:
    January 10th, 2013 at 9:07 pm
    young melty<<<<(Translation: You jacking c-section slang now, huh!?….You a Nahright C-section Groupie…..Where you heard that term from…Not the back blocks of Philly…Yung Geek Squad you went from a lurker to a full-fledge cyber fuck-boy…)

    you cant go 24hrs witout my dick ya mouf<<<<<(….YOU can't go 24 hrs w/out telling a BOLD FACELESS LIE….Yung Stephen King, you's a fiction typer….Bout 5% of the shit you typed actually happened or occurred…..otherwise you 95% BULLSHIT….Yung Higher Yearning, you the one worried about what I THINK…..I.OWN.YOU.Yung.Django.)

    jus like one my lil bitches<<<(Translation: I FUCK MINORS….If it's grass on the field, I'm playing ass fuck nigga…..Yung Statutory Rape Charge, you into them 13-16yr old teenyboppers, huh….You one of them stuck in High School ass fuck boys….Stalking freshman at ya ol' High School….Fucking security guards got ya face on Wanted Posters and shit…Them lil' girls the ONLY ones impressed by ya fuck ass fantasies….and…..you STILL gotta drug them yung hoes up w/ a molly pill cut w/ heron…..Yung Sex Predator, fuck is ya major malfunction, you dim-wit ass moron….You a grown ass fuckboy living w/ MOMMY chasing 8th graders….Yung Sesame Street, you dress up like elmo just so lil' kids can sit on ya lap, fucking sick sociopath ass weirdo..)

    i shoukd throw a skirt on u n put u n da back of a fuckin u haul headed straight for tijuana so u can make me some sock money u little fuck

    my money good n green i got avacado<<<<(Translation: I'M MUTHAFUCKING BROKE…..GOTTDAMMIT….MY MUTHAFUCKING POCKETS ARE HURTING, yo….Ya new name is Ca$h WithOUT….New single "Cash Indoubt"…..Only rack you ever seen is that towel rack in ya Mom's bathroom….BROKE NIGGA.)

    ya money dead fuck face you got john doe<<<<<(Translation: Can YOU see why I FAILED as an aspiring soundcloud rapper…..Leave them metaphors n' simile's to ya Dream Dad, Hov….Yung Never-Been…..Prove my MONEY dead, cuz I'm chilling out here in LA…..while you chilling by a radiator in a 1 bedroom apt in sum rathole of a Philly project building…..You OWN no PROPERTY….Nothing….Nada….Only thing in ya name is that El Pollo Loco order you just placed….That time card OWNS you…..That carnote on a repoed car OWNS you….That negative sign on ya overdraft filled bank account OWNS you…..Yung 401k…..70 mo' years buddy….Hope you live to see it….)

    repoe?<<<<(Translation: I DON'T HAVE A CAR, nigggggaaaa…..Fuck you mean, Repo…This nigga don't know my Moms drops me off at work cuz I can only afford 1 way back on the bus…)

    i dont een no what the fuck dat mean<<<<<(Translation: I DROPPED OUTTA 3rd GRADE, Nigga….All them big ass words be looking like another language to me, bro….Yung Kindergarten Reading Level, they shoulda spent more time educating you instead of beating you senseless as a child…Ya mom still got that No-gag reflex, homie….Tryna' fuck the back of her throat next time I'm in that shanty town you call a hood….You aint affiliated w/ NOBODY…..No street organizations cosign ya existence, faggot….You on the bottom of the food chain in ya own hood….How many times niggaz snatched ya 14k gold chain from round ya nathan franks ass neck…? How many grown men invited YOU to their dick in REAL LIFE, FAGGOT…? How many times have you been assaulted in ya own neighborhood, Yung Robbery Vic…..Bet a pistol or knife or fist has met your mouf before…I'm 100% positive like ya AIDS test, Yung Butt Pirate.)

    when did trill clinton ever say his car got repoed fuck u talmbout lil nigga

    u rely on the govt for money<<<(….How…?….There's a big difference between that EBT card and Welfare check ya Smut ass Moms collects and the entitlements & benefits that a War Vet collects…..BIG DIFFERENCE….1 is to help the poor and impoverish who can't support themselves such as YOU and your entire bloodline….While the other is only granted after contractual obligations are fulfilled, homie…..Yung Radio, you need to quit chasing after that short yellow bus…)

    u will always be below me u little fuck<<<<<(Tranlation: Your words HURT me, bro….Why'd you hafta take it there, fam….? (Wipes tears from eyes)…I BEEN stated let's compare BANK ACCTS….I'm cool w/ that….I can hide my acct#'s so YOU can be enamored by the BALANCE….You never had more than 7 bills in ya checking acct, you can't even afford a fucking savings acct…My lil' nephew's bank acct would make you Chris Lighty yaself….This stupid nigga has NO IDEA who I'm related to….Thas' why I'm setting up the trap for ya POVERTY-STRICKEN ass to walk down…Bank acct 4 bank acct….I want you to kill ya self tonight when you realize you aint related nor associated w/ anybody remotely in a position of POWER….Chump, up a real address and say word I don't get YOU murdered in 24hrs….easy, Yung Chalkline)

    i could pay your entire familys bills and ya moms crack habit til lil sasha n maliah get phds u little monkey<<<<(….Sure buddy….Tol' you Moms is down in St. Martin till next week….She BEEN down there since Dec 28th, courtesy of my pockets….Bro, YOU don't even KNOW ya FATHERS name….There's only ONE name on ya fuck ass birth certificate, say I'm lying….and it's ya Grandma's….Ya Mom the HoodWhore….Pops a Fairy that sprinkles pixie dust up his fuck ass nose….You half fuck boy half bitch ass COWARD…No stamps on ya passport cuz you don't OWN one….You can't even AFFORD to take pictures on that shitty ass cell of yours, SD….Thought you was down w/ GBE, aint you getting any chavo….Oh yeah Keef's album was hot garbage and your career is based around his success….Yung SD, whose ya cell phone carrier….? The pay phone, am I right, Yung "Deposit 10 cents before the call is over".)

    u nothin like me<<<<<(And I am fucking glad, dude….If I was a fuck boy like you I wouldn't have been able to live in the BX, move to VA….Get it in Naples…Lisbon….Dubai….Slovenia…all the way back to LA….Yeah, if I was YOU, I'd be stuck in the hood rocking them cement fake J's w/ my feet crazy glued to the block like you, Yung Legoland.)

    what type.nigga make fake twiitters
    bout.niggad he dont kno?<<<<(Translation: I heard one of the other commenters say this….So guess what….I'm gonna say it too, muthafucka…..and what….? Why you worried bout ME, tho…You got enuff money to feed my whole fam, right….I'm waiting for you to cut dat check, Yung 401k….what them stock options working as a Foot Messenger looking like….Top shelf, I bet….Why you so mad n' upset I don't give a fuck about ya lying ass fables or care for them, Yung VH1 Storyteller…?)

    oh i kno

    a financially inept nigga that wait around for the government to feed his scary ass

    go take a risk<<<<( I did unlike YOU…..and it paid off….YOU never left ya Mommy's left titty, Yung Breast Milk…..See Yung Similac, I left Mama bird's nest in 01 w/ 40 bucks in my back pocket and…..Now as YOU ALREADY witnessed w/ ya soft as Pigeon shit eyes…I'm doing pretty well for myself…..I don't hafta walk anywhere, like YOU….Let's compare Juvenile records….fuck it let's compare Adult Police Records…..BOY….You are NO THREAT….Not even to yaself, Yung Suicide Hotline….Ya hands never touched a pistol….You don't know what cooking caine smells like, nigga….Matter of fact, fuck does it smell like when it starts to rock up….Tell me…I'm waiting to clown you, Yung Law Abiding Citizen….Only crew you down w/ is the Neighborhood Watch, Yung George Zimmerman….How many black kids you flash that fuck ass flashlight of yours on, huh!?….)

    go get some real money stuid fuck<<<<<(Translation: I HATE YOU, Truth….Why you keep it so real….I just want to front like the fraud ass fuck boy Mama raised me to be….Buss' it Yung Rabbit Ears, I got 6racks right now….I'll up a pic of it w/ ME sitting comfortably in my Challenger….You a stand up street guy, right…6racks that's Mall money, you got that on you, right….? Do the same, I'm waiting….Banks close at 6pm and its 7:24pm LA time, I know it's pass 10pm eastcoast time, so I KNOW you chilling counting up….like ME, right….Nah, right!?….Yung Struggle Pockets, money is nothing but a material object that purchases other material objects….You haven't figured that out yet, huh!?)

    keep my dick out ya mouth pussy<<<<(Yung Gay Porn, keep ya homo-thug fetishes to yaself and ya freak nasty ass circle of friends, i-ight….Yung Han Solo, how it feel to be flying solo EVERY night….NO BITCHES….NO FRIENDS….NO LOVE….Just baby oil and Pornhub….Thank Gawd 4 the Internet, huh!?…You one of them fuck ass nerds talmbout my girlfriend is out of state, "we have an online relationship"….type of nigga to sleep in separate beds w/ a bitch cuz he don't want to catch the cooties…..You a damn fool, boy….Look, refrain from referencing me and I might just lighten up on ya fuck ass faggot tendencies…..Nigga needs to be validated by random men he NEVER met or interacted with, Yung Socially Awkard.)


  50. hugh hef Says:

    I’m not trying to make this politicial….But I was gonna go Romney….but then I went Obama….but real spit….Ron Paul is the real answer…

  51. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    You one of them toure fit in with white guys kinda nigga.
    I’ll never stop competing with these devils
    You be satisfied Willie best.

  52. hugh hef Says:

    Why do you hate white people so much? What white person hurt you?
    It’s 2013…grow up.

  53. ayo Says:

    She lovin the crew. Naw I want no bitch that loved the crew. Im greedy. I want a bitch all for myself. Nobody can have her type shit. If she lved the crew, then keep passing her around over there. I like my bitches who has fucked nobody I know.. That new Puss>

  54. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Yo this nigga left a novel with that post.
    You tripping bruh
    I used to write letters like that to keep asian girls from breaking up with me.
    You are crazy family.
    Cut that shit OUT

  55. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    What white person hurt me?
    You must be Filipino or some shit.
    Your whole existence is called into question after a statement like that faggot.
    Kinda black man you pretending to be?

  56. B Says:

    “You a fiction tyyyypppppaaaaaa
    Mad at me I think you kno why
    Nigga you a fiction tyyyyppppaaa
    Typin shit, but it’s all lies”

  57. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    One of these Donald glover post racial scared to be called an angry black man chumps. Mad niggas was killed so you can wear that blasé sellout mask.
    Fuck outta here

  58. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Hey that was window shopper that fella was singing

  59. ayo Says:

    Thirsty Greedy >>

  60. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    I’m still mad for what they did to Muhammad Ali nigga lol
    Let alone all that other shit.
    I’m still mad Will Smith ain’t fuck Charlize Theron in Hancock mufuckah

  61. ayo Says:

    Niggas dont want that work. You dont need it

  62. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Top ten white rock record
    1 Hard to beat -The Stooges
    2 Bodies – the sex pistols
    3 War pigs- black sabbath
    4 the hip death goddess – ultimate spinach
    5 the people in me – the music machine
    6 sorrow- David Bowie
    7 heroin- velvet underground
    8 cookie puss- the beastie boys
    9 airbag- radio head
    10 swastica girls- eno and fripp

  63. B Says:

    Yung Butt Pirate.)

    ^*throws in da towel for da Philly Butt Boy*
    It’s over
    We can be bodied bruvas

  64. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Crackers ain’t making records like that today
    On a side note Reese Witherspoon is ugly.

  65. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    I bet you that truth serum nigga is writing some great gatsby long retort right now. Some third generation Chester Hines jawn
    My life in absurdity type sheeaw
    Get em banks!

  66. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    That nigga Allen Hughes got a new movie out.
    Where his brother at!
    Which one did tupac snuff?
    Where do the dope come from?
    Who is smokey the bear???

  67. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Diana Ross drunk ass just got thrown out of a restaurant!
    There goes eve’s comeback.

  68. Jackson7 Says:

    GOAT white records

    1. long and winding road – the beatles
    1a. More Today Than Yesterday – spiral staircase
    2. philadelphia freedom – elton john
    3. dont stand so close to me – the police
    4. enjoy the silence – depeche mode
    5. fool on the hill – the beatles
    6. every little thing she does is magic – the police
    7. eleanor rigby – the beatles
    8. sarah smile – hall & oates
    9. plush – stone temple pilots
    10. does anybody really know what time it is – Chicago

  69. Jackson7 Says:

    Mindy kaling pooja shah Padma Lakshmi shobna galati.
    That’s that next level dark skin beauty. Indian untouchable pussy



    beautiful brown skin and long thick good white girl hair with no wigs and tracks..smart funny chicks too…

    no disrespect to the sisters thats follically challenged, and in need of accessories and horse hairs and extensions and whatnot..

    india type indians, pakistani and native american broads from the upper northwest is flavor of the month right now

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