DJ Victoriouz ft. Twista & King L – Koolin

Here is the first single off DJ Victoriouz’s upcoming project featuring Twista and King L.

Previously: Twista – Show N Off Freestyle (Video)

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10 Responses to “DJ Victoriouz ft. Twista & King L – Koolin”

  1. TruthSerum Says:

    F DUDES MAY BE! Says:
    January 10th, 2013 at 7:16 pm
    on another note

    no sign bitches that are well versed n sports

    only thing a bitch need to be well versed in is suckin fuckin cookin cleanin and lookin good as possible n my passenger seat(….Of the bus….?)


    But YOU said ya car repossessed due to you not having enough money to cover that $150 98′ Nissan Altima car note…..Pov-City Struggler…..Yung Top Ramen Noodle Soup…..You bout to throw that can of Top Ramen in the microwave and feast like the PEASANT you are, huh!? Nigga NEVER been in any type of relationship w/ a WOMAN….This boy live w/ his MOMMY…..Bet that slore got the BEST top in N. Philly…Slide ya Moms digits over here, kiddo…Bet she a tight bodied milf w/ no teeth from all them damn Marlboro Reds she smoke….Skrait GUM action from that smut….Yung No-Valentine, 24 years…..24 years and YOU still aint NEVER had a Valentine….No bitches wanna hang around a broke fat fuck such as yaself….You dripping in baby oil right now manhandling yaself, Yung Pee Wee Herman……You stuck in Philly, nigga….You NEVER been ANYWHERE, bro…..Yung Greyhound Ticket…DC a hr away….NYC a hr or 2 away….ATL….No……Out the country….NEVER….Boy, do you even own a PASSPORT, Yung Never-Been….Where’s the car at…..still parked at that imaginary dealership in your befuddled mind….Yung Hobbit’s Foot, you prolly could walk to BK from Philly for sum cheesecake, huh!? Yung Stock Clerk, there’s a clean up needed in Aisle 4, Feminine Hygeine…Sum lady spilled K-Y jelly everywhere, getcha Mop, Yung Deck Swabber…..A Mop and Broom are your professional work items of choice, bro….Tools of the trade…..Only keys this fool ever seen were on them big ass Janitor keys of his…..Yung Wet Behind The Ears, you straight virgin aint chu’….What shape is a vagina, Yung SexEd…?…..Last time you seen a pussy was when you looked in the mirror…..GTFOH…..Can’t even afford a fucking Jay-Z concert ticket….This guy….Impoverished and POOR……This lame nigga can’t even surf the internet properly, you too broke to afford a Macbook….iPad…..You struggling to get a decent wi fi reception on that 1st edition X-Box 360 from 2001…..PS3 too expensive, huh…..This girl….You never flown 1st class from JFK to LAX before, huh….? Keep the struggle alive, bro…..Pov-City Struggler…


  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    “I ain’t wanna pull it, but I had to do it
    I be out tomorrow, my lawyer’s Jewish”

    Yung Trap Lord >>>>>

  3. TruthSerum Says:

    Cadillac Nah: Pov-City Struggler, new album for your recycle bin, “Let a Stock Clerk Show You How This Stock Work, Son”…..Lame ass nigga…


  4. ayo Says:

    Oh Meng

  5. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    He said he sold stock and all that..
    He really stocks shelves at target

  6. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    On Wall St buy and sell on the Dow Jones..
    No SD card his phone ain’t even got a dial tone

  7. Captain Planet Says:

    Count up !!!

  8. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    JR Smith stay dunking on someone.

  9. Charles lee ray Says:

    TruthSerum Says:
    January 10th, 2013 at 8:19 pm
    Cadillac Nah: Pov-City Struggler, new album for your recycle bin, “Let a Stock Clerk Show You How This Stock Work, Son”…..Lame ass nigga…

    > yo I got tears in my eyes.nigga said pov city

  10. B Says:

    Truthserum bodied jihad and cp and they bout ta get company

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