Video: Childish Gambino – L.E.S.

Childish Gambino uses footage from the Lower East Side to put together a visual for his track ‘L.E.S.’.

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11 Responses to “Video: Childish Gambino – L.E.S.”

  1. Sir Fakely Deep Says:

    no thanks.

  2. Charles lee ray Says:

    Yo one of y’all twitter niggas tell @ smack white to liberate that yung Ill vs conceited.i heard they trying release it on a DVD that comes with that French Montana album,which means I may never see it smh. Smack stop playing nigga.

  3. das racist Says:

    Dude’s voice is annoying.

  4. jderrida Says:

    Dude’s voice is annoying.




    Sounds like lil Wayne with a college degree…

    To bad all his fans started puberty and started listening to music that you can play around girls.

    RIP Gambino

  5. Casket Face Says:

    Fif definitely OG with grimy old school NY tatics lol

  6. Charles lee ray Says:

    I blame drake, rap.

  7. Charles lee ray Says:

    We gon get money
    We gon get rich
    Never go against my nigga for a bitch
    A mafia coming thru in da beam
    Made a oath ima stay true to my team

  8. moreffa Says:

    fuck hipster hoes unless they sucking your balls
    fuck the LES
    fuck this corny ass song
    fuck this corny ass nigga rappin

    what the fuck has hiphop become

  9. jderrida Says:

    Al Roker Admits He Sh*tted In His Pants At The White House!


    >>> Obesity

  10. Fosterakahunter Says:

    Fxx this ni@@uhz life and his rappin’.

  11. Rook Says:

    The best song I have heard from him.

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