Ro Ransom – No Fucks Given

Harlem’s Ro Ransom gives Eminem’s “Just Don’t Give a Fuck” that work.

Previously: Ro Ransom – Ransomnia (Mixtape)

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3 Responses to “Ro Ransom – No Fucks Given”

  1. das racist Says:

    Keef x Jeezy – ‘Understand Me’ >>>

  2. das racist Says:

    Blackberries really are terrible phones.


  3. JDS Says:

    Chicago’s Murder Rate in 2013 is Already Outpacing 2012:

    In the first six days of this year, 12 people were murdered in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago. That’s two ahead of last year’s six-day total. And at two a day, it puts us on a pace for 730 this year, which would be our highest total since 1997.

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