Mc Eiht – Blue Stamp

Geeeah. New shit from Eiht off the 7 track Keep It Hood EP he quietly released earlier this week.

Previously: DJ Premier Talks Executive Producing Upcoming MC Eiht LP, “Which Way Iz West”

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61 Responses to “Mc Eiht – Blue Stamp”

  1. Gob Bluth Says:

    @FUPM what broker do you use ?

  2. Captain Planet Says:

    Like this is the nigga nigga was rooting against me with ?

    This guy ?

    Like how can you read one of his comments and not immediately realize he is psychologically and mentally unstable

    Kev tried to tell us

    This guy was making fake twitters of Jihad

    A grown ass man with a career home and kids

    Stalking other grown men

    Posting that he wants to cross swords with Gay Gretsky


    Get some help

    I never meant that as literally

  3. charles lee ray Says:

    Now Im truth serum

    Cp u may need to take some time off. youre buggin.

  4. young hov Says:

    i aint got time to explain to a mask how i profited off the VIX
    lol more buzzwords b.. talk strategy. How did you profit from the VIX? I REALLY do this for a living and have transaction history to back it..

  5. Captain Planet Says:

    This is why I tried to turn him into a regular commentor

    He’s obviously unstable and would do anything for attention

    Instead of being normal and commenting about bitches and music

    He wants to mask up and request to join DPs


  6. Captain Planet Says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he was Donkey Punch and Dwayne Gretsky too

    How many times do I have to body you ?

    You haven’t used the TruthSerum sn for a two months because of me

    You have been commenting under masks for that whole period tho

    Get some help clown, I mean this literally

    Nahright isn’t gonna solve your issues

  7. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    All that talk but hides behind a computer.
    Never wanna square up.

  8. TruthSerum Says:

    CaptAINT AfriCAN’T you fuck ass FAGGOT…..You that STOOOPID, you couldn’t see whoever that B mask is just reposted a comment from earlier…..Yeah whenever I state sum TRUTHFUL shit I get accused of sum Oct 31st shit……1st of all lets clear the fuck ass air in this sausage fest…..Justin Martin comments as Truthserum no OTHER fuck ass s/n….Nigga my REAL LIFE shit on y’all niggaz I aint YOU…..Justin good in the hood, homie….2828 S. Sepulveda Blvd across from that IHop, broski….Was just in NY….655 Burke Ave between Burke & Olinville, fuck ass faggot muthafuckas scared to show they FACE, dawg…..How YOU a so-called MAN, but afraid to show ya fuck ass face…..Yung Zorro ass niggaz…..Your s/n already a fake virtual reality ass name…..BUT… niggaz go farther w/ LIES upon fucking LIES, dawg all for Pole Position on a Rapblog not forum…..Rap fucking blog that NONE of YOU have EVER got posted on……Quit pointing fingers, Yung Sammy The Bull….Justin this Justin that….I tol ya fuck ass LIEgerian ass to get other mens cock out ya fuck ass mouf, boy…..You my personal VICTIM, pussy…..Everybody KNOWS THIS…..Must I bring back the archives of YOU begging ME for MERCY…..Yung Fan Club, you still got my Tumbler and Soundcloud bookmarked, you fuck ass AfriCAN’T……Fucking pussy ass boy scared of confrontation, COWARD…..I’m the MAIN nigga barking on you faggots bout Masking up……Now I’m the mask….Word….Show me proof, moron…..You got that faggot ass Aye-Rat Chea w/ 30 diff s/n’s and YOU got the pink kool aid nerve to accuse a REAL NIGGA…..Nigga up ya address, see If I don’t put 5k on ya fucking Dashiki and get you n ya folks MURDERED in broad day, faggot…..Niggaz be bitches when they skirts get lifted….Tol’ ya fuck ass to take that shit from yesterday as constructive criticism but I called it and YOU took it to the titty like a straight bitch made ass hoe…..Waited 24hrs just to respond…..Faggot shit, bro……Pick fights w/ ya other fuck ass s/n friends, LIEgerian, cuz I just wanna see you w/ a bullet in ya head and shit in ya drawers, you fuck ass Murder Victim….


  9. S.I.C.K Says:


    I NEVER backed down from any challenge.Please point out a time when I EVER backed down from ANYONE.I`ll wait….

    While I`m waiting.All b has to do is email the time and location and I will fuck him up.Period

    I`m just not stupid to talk ONLINE about OFFLINE situations.Why get locked up over some internet bullshit??

    If b can keep it between US and not NAHRIGHT.I will fuck that boy up.It`s really that simple.But bitches need attention,men don`t.

  10. charles lee ray Says:

    48th and park 530 today sick.

    make that happen

  11. S.I.C.K Says:

    Y`all beef thirsty niggas are so foolish.Think for ONE MINUTE.

    Why would I be afraid of a nigga I pinched weed from?
    Why would I send diss tracks DIRECTLY to a person I`m afraid of?

    Who sends fan mail to whom?

    For real you can like the nigga and his sometimes witty jokes.

    BUT I`m not afraid on NOBODY .like I said PROVE IT!! I`ll wait

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